Alexis (Annie Murphy) and David (Dan Levy) look concerned at someone in 'Schitt's Creek.'

The Best David & Alexis Moments You Need To Recreate With Your Sibling On Insta


While they may have bickered a lot, you could always tell that David and Alexis from Schitt's Creek love each other. Sometimes, their relationship even reminded you of your own relationship with your sibling. That's why you two should recreate some of the best Schitt's Creek David and Alexis moments for your Instas right now. The hilarious sitcom has so many memorable and outrageous moments that any fan of the show will know exactly what gem of a scene you're referencing.

Kick off your Insta compilation by recreating the first time Alexis ever said her iconic line, "Ew, David," from the episode where David and Moira attempt to sell Allez-Vous products. If you'd rather go for a more heartfelt moment, get a bike and take some pics outside like you're Alexis teaching David how to ride. There are also so many driving scenes with Alexis and David in the car that you can recreate on a mini road trip or a scenic drive around town looking for a "nom nom."

Have a Schitt's Creek-inspired photoshoot with your brother or sister is the perfect excuse to hang out. Although, you don't really need an excuse to spend time with your fave person. Once you have some great moments captured on your camera, post those on the 'gram with one of David's snappy comebacks or Alexis' unbelievable celebrity stories. (Some spoilers ahead.)

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The "You Get Murdered First" Moment

When the Rose family first arrives in Schitt's Creek, they struggle with their new life at the motel. David and Alexis fight over the beds, because it's presumed that whoever's in the bed closest to the door gets "murdered first." The moment of them moving Alexis' suitcase back and forth between beds is a downright hilarious picture or even video idea you can recreate.

Set up an open carry-on bag ($255,, fill it with clothes, and act as though you're playing tug of war with it. Set a self-timer to snap the perfect pic, or have someone record a boomerang going back and forth. Caption your pic with Alexis' line, "You get murdered first for once."

The "Finding David" Moment

When David runs away, his family finally goes to find him — after three days. If you have a backyard or nearby flower field, recreate this hilarious scene. One of you can be David, dressed in all black and sunglasses ($16,, and the other can be Alexis in a fun floppy hat ($20, If you're Alexis, caption your pic with, "I'm sorry for not responding to like one text, David!"

The "Wedding Dress" Moment

On David's wedding day, Alexis unknowingly wears a wedding dress. She doesn't realize this until she's about to walk her brother down the aisle. Whoever is Alexis can grab a vintage wedding dress from a thrift shop, and whoever's David can rock a black tux. Then, capture some snaps like you're David and Alexis bickering... in elegance.

The "Ew, David" Moment

Alexis says "David" about a million times throughout the series, but one of the most iconic moments is when she first says, "Ew, David." Recreate this moment by having your sibling wear a little too much bronzer if they're David, and an all-white outfit with a crown braid if you're Alexis. While holding a plate of cheese cubes, make a disgusted face like you're absolutely offended.

The "Learning How To Ride A Bike" Moment

When Mutt gives Alexis a bike on Schitt's Creek, she takes the opportunity to teach David how to ride it. Capture the cutest plandid moments of you "teaching" your sibling how to ride a bike. If you want to look the part, wear your most fashionable black and white sundress with black high heels. For the best action shot you capture, pair it with the quote, "The pedals make it move more," for your caption.

The "Driving In The Car" Moment

For this picture, get yourself a phone holder ($15, for your windshield, and capture some cute pics of you both driving around town, decked out in the most fashionable Alexis and David-esque outfits, of course. If you decide to stop at a drive-thru, you can use the quote, "Nom nom for us, David."

The "Leftover Cake" Moment

Foodies will enjoy recreating the moment when David discovers Alexis ate some of his leftover cake. Put some cake in a tinfoil swan, and snap some pics of you bickering, while eating. Use David's quote, "Uh, who picked through my cake, and only left the icing?" as your caption. If you're David in this shot, rock a beanie ($40, with a gray tee ($22,