7 Best Halloween Cereals That Will Bring You Right Back To Your Childhood

Mornings are completely out of whack without your go-to bowl of cereal, and when the spooky season rolls around, you're probably pouring yourself bowls upon bowls of your favorite Halloween-inspired picks. Yes, some of us wait all year for this time simply because of the cereal we can have. The best Halloween cereals have made their way to the shelves and sent our tastebuds on a first class trip back to our childhood.

Those cereals were everything while we were growing up. They really made us know that Halloween wasn't too far away and we'd soon be scarfing down even more sweet, chewy, or chocolatey treats. Sharing is usually caring, but because these cereals seemingly have an expiration date, it's OK to be a little stingy. Nothing beats seeing these cereals pop up one by one in aisles of the grocery stores.

Your mornings for the next few weeks just found some crunchy, sweet goodness. And since us adults most likely won't be going trick or treating, our bowls of Halloween cereal swap out for that. So, if you haven't got the memo on which Halloween cereals are haunting a grocer near you, grab a box of one of these... if you dare.

Franken Berry

Monsters Gm Fs Frankenberry, $4, Walmart

Franken Berry's by General Mills is so yummy. Not only do you get that strawberry sensation, but there are freaking marshmallows in it as well. Why does cereal taste so much better when you sprinkle it with marshmallows? Anyway, drinking the milk afterwards was like you just cracked open a delicious Nesquik strawberry milk. Hey, it's the little things in life... or at least, it was that way when we were kids.

Count Chocula

OK, General Mills strikes again with yet another win. Chocolate lovers simply cannot resist the enticing taste of Count Chocula. Chocolate and marshmallows taste amazing as s'mores, so imagine that in cereal form and try not to salivate. Also, you can't resist the clever play on words. Let's hope you're the only thing doing the biting.

Froot Loops With Marshmallows

Kellogg's Froot Loops with Marshmallows Cereal, $4, Walmart

This fan favorite toys with our want and need to experience everything spooky when it comes to this version of the cereal. It's literally all in the marshmallows, which are shaped just like skeleton bones. Normally, you just get the fruity, crunchiness of this favorite cereal, but now they've added those sweet, chewy marshmallows into the mix — and they make all the difference. We want to feel like any and everything is getting into the Halloween spirit as much as we are, and that includes our cereal.

Apple Jacks With Skeleton Marshmallows

Kellogg's Limited Edition Apple Jacks with Marshmallows Cereal, $3, Walmart

Apple Jacks on their own are already a delicious cinnamon treat. No one can deny it's good from the time you open up the back, to the time you pour it in your bowl. Apple Jacks with skeleton marshmallows is definitely a step up from what the cereal usually offers. Anything shaped like bones is completely acceptable for Halloween. Also, how many skeletons can you arrange in one bowl of cereal? Let the games begin.

Boo Berry

Yes, all three of the Halloween favorites by General Mills are listed because they each earned that oh-so-special place inside our childhood hearts. Boo Berry cereal, though, is different from the Franken Berry. Boo Berry cereal gives you more of a blueberry taste with all of the same marshmallow goodness as the other one. Hey, people have berry preferences, and this cereal has got you covered. Monster cereal is the best.

Cap'n Crunch's Halloween Crunch

Cap'n Crunch Halloween Breakfast Cereal, $3, Walmart

Who could forget our favorite cereal captain? Luckily, Captain Crunch features a variety of different options in general, but in my opinion, the Halloween version is so much more fun. This year's roll out features the captain with ghost-shaped cereal pieces and — wait for it — those ghosts will turn your milk green.

Pumpkin Spice Cheerios

Pumpkin Spice Cheerios Cereal, $2, Walmart

Now, I know what you're thinking. What kid in their right mind would willingly eat Cheerios? Well, I certainly would have guzzled down a few bowls if they had them in the pumpkin spice flavor when I was growing up. Nonetheless, tasting a bowl of these definitely reminds me of the countless pieces of pumpkin pie I'd eat as a kid.

Childhood inevitably has to pass us by, but those sweet-tasting cereals don't. And as much as we can't necessarily go trick or treating anymore, we can gift ourselves with our own treats in our bowls.

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