7 Best Friend Tattoos To Get With Your Work Wife, Because She's The Real MVP

One meaningful thing to do with your partner in crime at work is to get tats together. I mean let's get real here, it makes perfect sense that you would want to get best friend tattoos with your work wife, because they are permanent reminders of how much you care about and understand each other.

Your work wife is your complete lifesaver in the office, and you are hers. She has helped you through the most stressful days, and you vent together about all office struggles. She's also there to celebrate the good times — like every fun coffee run you needed when you're falling asleep at your desk. She's your favorite lunch buddy, and you have your go-to takeout spots you love. You seriously would not have the energy to get out of bed in the morning if it weren't for seeing her when you arrive at the office. She is the ultimate bestie, and what better way to show your special bond than with some ink?

Get a matching tat that reminds you of all the laughs you have together, or something that simply symbolizes the friendship between two people who spend most of each work day together. There are a million symbols to choose from, so I've made it easier for you both with these seven best friend tattoo ideas. There is sure to be one that is special and unique to the both of you.

Put A Pin In Your Friendship With This Pushpin Tat
charlottearkell on Twitter

Alright — let's get to the point. Office supplies are always a fun link between you and your work wife, because that's where you met. A pushpin can represent how your bestie has been pinned to your heart.

She Is The Sun To Your Moon With These Two Tats
redbuiiqueen on Twitter

The moment you and your bestie laughed at the same thing or rolled eyes at the same time in the office, you knew you would become fast friends. The bond you felt was almost cosmic. She's basically the sun to your moon, and this tat also represents how you start and end each work day together.

To Remember All Your Bestie Coffee Runs
askajanything on Twitter

Your favorite part of the working day is gabbing, whether it's in the office kitchen or going out to get coffee together. Caffeine is an integral part of each day, and a coffee mug tat will always remind you of those breaks you cherish.

For All Of Those Office Secrets You've Shared Together
trraaaaay on Twitter

Your work wife is your number one source for the hot gossip going on in the office. What happens in the office, stays in the office. You've also shared your deepest secrets together, like how you were totally the one who broke the copy machine. Oops. She also knows you have a huge crush on the guy from the ninth floor, but she would never tell anyone. Getting a pinky promise tattoo will only symbolize all those secrets you've shared.

Your Work Wife Is The PB To Your J
k8humbert on Twitter

She is the PB to your J, and there is no easier way to explain your friendship than that. Not only does this tat let people know you are partners in crime, but it's also cute AF. For real — just look at those smiling peanut butter and jelly friends.

Your Bestie Holds Your Heart Together Like A Paperclip
missyhollyann on Twitter

This paper clip tat is perfect for reminding you of the workplace you share. The design of this tat means so much more than just office supplies. The two paperclips form to make a heart, which makes this choice even sweeter.

For Office Friends Who Love 'The Office'
slipknip on Twitter

You and your work wife have bonded over watching episodes of The Office together. You quote the show all the time, and even sometimes have girls' nights after work just watching the show on Netflix. A reference to your favorite jokes from the show would be a perfect matching tat for you, proving she really is the Pam to your Jim.