7 Best Cities To Live Alone In The U.S. If You're A Millennial Who's Looking For A New Home

It's about that time in your life when you're looking to make some big changes. You may be looking to change your career path, go to grad school, or finally start saying "no" to opportunities that don't support your dreams. You're also looking for a new home like a studio apartment on the West Coast, or a cute loft in the middle of a major city you can call your own. But, one question keeps running through your head: where? New York City seems exciting, and Los Angeles has beaches, boardwalks, and beautiful sunsets. You want to know some of the best cities to live alone in the U.S., though.

Like many millennials, you just don't want to live with roommates anymore. You're tired of worrying about who's hogging all of the space in the fridge, who forgot to take out the garbage, or who left their dirty dishes piled up in the sink. Gathering everybody's individual rent checks and abiding to a shower schedule in the morning is downright exhausting, too.

Sure, you'll likely miss the late-night runs to get chicken nuggets and French fries, and having buddies nearby when you want to re-watch episodes of Game of Thrones. (There are perks to living with roommates, too.) But, you really are ready for a change and to call a new city, block, and apartment, "home sweet home." How about one of these seven places?

Madison, Wisconsin
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Last summer, I visited the Midwest for the very first time. For the most part, it was exactly what I expected it would be. The deep dish pizza in Chicago was heavenly, and the views of Lake Michigan were stunning. What I didn't expect, though, is how homey and adventurous this part of the country would feel.

There were hiking trails, brand new apartment buildings, and beautiful botanical gardens. There were bikes you could rent, and cute towns with restaurants and lots of trees.

That's why I think you'll instantly love the city of Madison, Wisconsin. It's filled with excitement from university sporting events to trendy nightlife. (Do me a favor and save me a spot for my beach chair on one of the lakes, please!)

Portland, Oregon
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Possibly one the most welcoming and — dare I say — #artsy cities I've ever traveled to is Portland, Oregon. Located in the Pacific Northwest, it's a sweet spot for meeting friendly people and eating lots of high-quality doughnuts. (Take one bite of a doughnut from Blue Star Donuts and you'll know what I mean.)

In just a few days of living here and exploring everything it has offer, you'll have a favorite coffee shop and restaurant picked out. You'll have a list of things you want to do like brewery tours, waterfall photo shoots, and weekends spent camping near Mount Hood.

You'll notice that it's a place you'll never be bored in, and can easily call "home." Pinky promise!

Huntington Beach, California
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If living near the water has always been a dream of yours, then moving to the West Coast is in your best interest. There are so many cities based right along the Pacific Ocean, where you can spend your afternoons surfing and sticking your feet in the sand. Huntington Beach, California is one of these cities.

Now, you may have already heard of Huntington Beach thanks to the latest season of The Bachelor. (Are there any Cassie and Colton fans out there?) Your bestie may have mentioned it to you as well, when you were trying to plan an adventurous trip down the Pacific Coast Highway.

What you don't already know, though, is that there's the Huntington Beach Pier that's perfect for taking in the pink skies and lots to do beyond the palm trees. Honestly, sign me up!

Denver, Colorado
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The mountains are calling your name right about now. Are you going to answer? Honestly, if you're looking for a new place to call home, then I think you should. Odds are, those mountains are based in Denver, Colorado, and covered in ski resorts, red rock, and lots of opportunities to live your #bestlife.

Let me give you the 411. This city is meant for millennials like you, because it's another place where you can truly never be bored. There's always an opportunity to do something in the great outdoors. Hit the road and head to Rocky Mountain National Park for a photo shoot, or catch a show at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

You can meet a new friend at a brewery, a summer concert, or a baseball game. It's truly the perfect destination for someone who wants to live alone.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Recently, one of the millennial bloggers I follow moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and started posting pictures of pink cherry blossoms and walls decorated in mosaic tiles. I thought, "Wow, that city looks so pretty," and instantly did some more research.

Turns out, this city is absolutely perfect for someone who's looking to live alone. You'll love shopping and walking by historical sights and buildings on your way to work. The food vendors and colorful lights that pop up in Spruce Street Harbor Park in the summertime make it an Instagram-worthy place to be, too.

Charlotte, North Carolina
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Moving somewhere with just as much excitement as New York City may be very important to you. Can I suggest Charlotte, North Carolina? It's also known as the "Queen City" and is full of culture and lively nightlife. On the weekends, you'll find yourself attending concerts or maybe going whitewater rafting at the U.S. National Whitewater Center. The possibilities are endless.

Sarasota, Florida

Last but not least, put Sarasota, Florida on your radar if you're a millennial who's looking to move to a new city by yourself. It may be a little expensive because it's located right next to the beach and has amazing shopping centers like The Mall at University Town Center. But, it'll be worth every extra penny you spend on rent. (Believe me!)

You see, as soon as you wake up on that very first morning in your new apartment, you'll feel excited and ready to explore. You might grab your beach bag and head down to Siesta Key Beach, and maybe jump into a pick-up volleyball game.

You'll meet people who love to soak up the sun just as much as you, and are making room for so much new in their life. Are you ready for a big change? I think so! Ready, set, go.