If You Love Beer, You Definitely Need These Pitcher-Perfect Floats For Summer

If you're 21 and up, there's nothing quite as refreshing as sipping your favorite brew on a sizzlin' summer afternoon. Now, if you add a pool into the mix, you've basically found yourself in the perfect summer situation. If you've got the image in your head of relaxing poolside with a cold one in hand, you're already embracing the "don't worry, beer happy" lifestyle. To turn that dream into reality, you also need to get your hands on some of the best beer pool floats.

Ditch the lounge chair and float into the weekend on a beer-inspired pool floaty. It's so easy nowadays to find a pool float for essentially every occasion. Seriously though, it's a pool float world, and we're just living in it. Yes, that's right, even a beer lover can get an inflatable for not only themselves, but also their brewskis.

Don't leave your drink behind when you want to take a dip in the water with any of the these cool beer floats. There are floats that feature cup holders, and ones that are exclusively for your cans. The party really doesn't ever have to stop, and I must say, your friends will be totally jealous of your pool selfies. So, when you send out postcards from your chilled-out summer vacay, make sure to write, "Wish you were beer."

This Corona Bottle Float Is Saying, "Lime Yours"

Corona Beer Bottle Float, $14.99, Walmart

A refreshing Corona always deserves an invite to the party, so just imagine how cool you'll look drinking a Corona while floating on a Corona. Plus, lime and Coronas go together like you and a relaxing pool float. It just makes sense.

Recline In The Pool With This Chair Float

Ove Decors Doubt, $67.99, Wayfair

This inflatable chair looks just like that comfy recliner you'd find in your living room, but this time, it's on the water. After a long week at the office, nothing sounds more relaxing than sitting back and drinking a beer while soaking up some sunshine. You'll be floating into the chill days of summer in just about no time.

This Beer Mug Is Ready To Get The Pool Party Started

Swimline Beer Mug Pool Float, $24.58, Amazon

From far away, this beer mug looks like any standard pool float, but when you get up close and personal, you'll see it's actually the best pool float in existence. The handle of the mug doubles as a beer cooler. Fill it up with ice and some extra cans, so when you're done with one beer, you can start on another. You'll be living your best life with this pool float.

Your Selfies Will Be Pitcher-Perfect On This Float

Inflatable Pool Float — Beer Mug, $39.99, Kotula's

This pitcher-perfect beer mug will look great for any pool float selfies you have planned. Just snap away, and caption your Insta-worthy pic with "Beer makes my heart hoppy." Now, all you have to do is post to the 'Gram, and then keep floating on as the likes start rolling in.

It's All Fun And Games In The Pool With This Beer Pong Float

GoPong Pool Lounge Beer Pong Inflatable, $33.99, Amazon

Sorry, Marco Polo, but we've found a new pool game this year. You and your friends will take the drinking games to the next level with this beer pong inflatable. Not only does this cool design work for a round of beer pong, but once the games have ended, take out the cups and use this inflatable just to relax on.

You'll Be Saying "Ale Yeah" With This Beer Mug
Bed Bath & Beyond

Poolmaster® Glass O'Beer Float, $26.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

All eyes will be on you when you pull out this bright yellow beer float. Although, I should warn you. Your friends will blame you for instantly wanting a cold one for themselves. You're doing them a favor — reminding them that the summertime is made for relaxing and sipping on a refreshing beverage.

Have Your Drinks Float Into The Summer With Their Very Own Pool Float

GoFloats Inflatable Palm Island Drink Holder, $10.47, Amazon

I'm pretty sure summer is all about palm tress, the ocean breeze, and drinking your favorite beer. Combine all three with these cute AF drink holders. They make your cups look like tiny islands in the ocean — which just reminds me. My answer to the iconic "what's the one thing you'd bring with you to a deserted island" question would be a cooler of beers.