Bachelorette Party Pool Floats Exist & You'll Want Them All For The 'Gram


A bachelorette party weekend spent by the pool with your favorite drinks in hand sounds like the perfect kind of celebration, am I right? The warm sunshine is beating down, but there's a cool, refreshing breeze by the water. Imagine taking the party up a notch with some of the best bachelorette party pool floats to cruise on into the weekend festivities. It will take the shindig from fun to absolutely fabulous.

You've chosen a summer bachelorette party for a reason. You love the carefree vibes and beautiful weather that comes with the season, so a pool party plan is essential. Nowadays, you can't look anywhere without seeing a chic pool float. We're in a pool float age, and you have to jump on board.

Every bride tribe can find the right floats that are a perfect fit for the occasion. Get something monogrammed for each of the bridesmaids, or something huge so your whole squad can fit on it together. There are also pool floats for your drinks, so the party never has to stop. The bride already said, "yes" to her fiancé, so now it's your turn to say, "yes" to any of these seven bachelorette party pool floats for a summertime bash your main girl will never forget.

This Ring Is The Only Rock That Floats

Giant Bling Ring Pool Float, $19.99, Target

Get a pool float to match the beautiful bling on the bride's finger. This diamond bling ring float perfectly fits in with the theme of the bachelorette party. Plus, you'll all be reminded that diamonds are a girl's best friend as this gem keeps the bride floating peacefully on the water.

A Magical Float The Whole Bride Tribe Can Fit On

Party Bird Island — Unicorn, $287.42, Amazon

Get a float for the whole bride tribe to hang out on with this magical unicorn. This massive float can fit up to six people. Honestly, the size of this float is as magical as unicorns themselves. All of you ladies will be chilling on this float all day long. Don't forget your sunnies and sips!

Your Tropical Drinks Will Say "I Do" To These Cute Pool Floats

Diamond Ring Drink Float, $9.99+, Etsy

Finally, your drinks can chill with you in the pool, thanks to these drink holders. Just get down on one knee and show your fruity cocktail this ring. Then, be a happy couple together swimming and sipping the weekend away in the pool.

The fun doesn't even stop there. Get your drink holders customized for the whole tribe with your names printed on them. This way, everyone will be blessed with a little bit of bling.

Monogrammed Neon Floats For The Entire Squad

Monogrammed Pool Floats, $15, Etsy

Show all of the girls how much you appreciate them celebrating the bride with these customized pool floats. Everyone will love getting their name on their very own pool float that they can take home after the party. Plus, you'll be the most stylish squad in the pool, and you definitely need to snag a pic of all of you relaxing together on your matching floats.

Cheers To The Bachelorette Weekend In These Margarita Floats

Margarita Pool Float, $39.95+, Etsy

For a bachelorette party that is a perfect combination of relaxing by the pool and partying it up, you really need these margarita pool floats. With each of your friends in a float with their name on it, all you need to do is order a drink, float on, and relax. Also, point us in the direction of Margaritaville, so we can drift there.

You'll Be #SwanGoals With These Drink Holders

Swan Drink Float, $4.99+, Esty

Out of all the bachelorette party themes, a pool party complete with trendy AF floats is, hands down, one of the best. The whole tribe will be feelin' relaxed and ready to slay the upcoming wedding. Your lady crew really is #squadgoals, or in this case, #swangoals.

Everyone in the bride tribe will totally love getting these custom swan drink holders to use while you all float in the pool. What a swanderful party you'll have, am I right?

Get Ready To Pop Bottles

Inflatable Champagne Bottle Pool Float, $49.95, Amazon

If you're feeling bubbly, just float on with this champagne bottle float. It's your main girl's bachelorette party after all, so you need the champagne to start flowing. It's a celebration, and your friends will be saying, "Sip sip hooray," all weekend long.