7 Beauty Travel Sets Under $25 For Your Friend Who's A Total Jetsetter

Gifting can be really hard when you don't have a clue what to get someone. Yeah, you may know them, but do you know them enough to get them the perfect gift they'll cherish until next year? It's easiest to narrow it down to what your friend loves to do the most. Do you have a friend who can't wait for her next trip to the airport? Who is constantly on the move, whether it's road-tripping home or flying to their next vacation spot? If you do, then you know that this time of year can be really stressful for them (just like it is for everyone else). They may just love beauty travel sets under $25 that will help them stay just a little more relaxed during their mad dash to and from the airport this holiday season.

Sometimes it's hard to pack beauty essentials in your carry-on, but these beauty kits make it easy and compact in little packs that fit in your purse or bag and are TSA compliant. Forget the days when your friend had to scramble through her bag five different times in a row because her deodorant, chapstick and hairspray were splayed out, without any organization to help her. Say "Happy holidays, I love you boo" with these perfect travel companions.

The Stay Moisturized Kit

J.R. Watkins Skin Care Gift Set, $8, Amazon

This kit was literally made to benefit your skin this winter! It comes with body lotion in two scents, hand cream, and lip balm. While it doesn't come with a traveling case, this thoughtful gift set can be made complete with a cosmetic case from Target or Forever 21. Your jet-setter friend will be glowing.

The Essentials In One Cute Pouch Set

Honeymoon Midi Kit, $14, Francesca's

While this is title as a "Honeymoon" kit, anyone can buy it and it comes with some essentials like bandages and blister balm! It also has headphone splitters, and who wouldn't love that to help make friends at the airport?

The All-You-Need Kit

Clinique Skin Care/Makeup 7 Pc Travel Set, $20, Amazon

This Clinique travel set is perfect for that all-inclusive feel you may want to go for because it literally has everything for every situation. You've got cleansers, lotion, lip chubbies, eye shadow, lip stick and mascara. *Deep breath* That is a lot in such a tiny case and for a pretty reasonable price. Your friend will love you forever.

The "I Love My Skin" Kit

Daily Skin Care Travel Kit, $17, Francesca's

For that chic, pampered feel, get your friend this skin kit. It comes in a cute bag and includes everything you'll need to keep your skin healthy before, during and after long flights. This one also comes with toner and sun block: two must-haves for travelers.

The Hair-Helper Kit

Original Sprout Deluxe Travel Kit, $35, Amazon

If hotel shampoos don't cut it, or you know that your friend doesn't want to bring their whole hair routine with them to their parents' house, this is perfect. It not only comes with shampoo, but also deep conditioner and lotion. Plus a tiny towel for emergency situations that involve being stuck in an airport *knock on wood.*

Hydrating Oil Is Goodness In a Kit

Dr. Hauschka Freshness and Energy Body Kit, $20, Feelunique

A big theme with these beauty kits is that hydration is key. We know this, and we should remember to do this more often when traveling. This kit in particular does a great job of having a range of hydrating products, such as body oil, "body milk," and "bath essence." This kit is bringing the A-game with its moisturizing skills.

Perfect Post-Plane Hair Kit

On My Ouai Kit, $25, Sephora

Traveling can really take a toll on your hair, especially if not properly taken care of. This kit wants to help with that, and includes a treatment (and prevention) masque for breakage, a smooth detangling, and dry shampoo for when packing kept you up too late and you couldn't shower. This kit is offered at Sephora for a steal, so get it and let your friend's luscious locks be your thanks (hopefully they actually say "thank you," too).