This 'Harry Potter' Bar Is A Magical Bachelorette Party Idea For The Muggle Bride

Your wand-waving, butter-beer-drinking, and lover of all things Hogwarts is getting married. And if she could have sent an owl to send you the news that you were one of her bridesmaids, she definitely would have. You and the fellow chosen muggles can't let her down — even if you guys have to work your accios off trying to give her the best bachelorette party ever. Luckily, you have plenty of resources to achieve those bachelorette party ideas for the Harry Potter lover, because it's literally a culture now.

There's hardly any kind of celebration that hasn't been plastered with a Harry Potter theme. You would think this trend was super current, but us millennials know that we were reading these books back in middle school, and agonizingly waited years for each movie to come out. There's no denying that the whole series has certainly put a spell on a good chunk of the population, including your bride-to-be.

You have to make her bachelorette party magical and enchanting. She should be rubbing her eyes and pinching her arm, because she feels like she stepped into one of the beloved books. It might sound like you have a lot on your plate — but luckily, you have the other muggles to make your bride's wildest dreams come to life.

Make Sure She's Sipping Out Of A Magical Wine Glass Like This One
kimheartsdesign on Twitter

Specialized glasses are a must if you're planning a bachelorette party. Everyone can have one — but make sure the bride's is different and stands out. She is the lady of the hour, so get super creative with her glittery wizard glass. Don't be surprised if she wants to carry it around with her for the rest of the festivities.

Don't Let Her Leave The House Without These
summerslamnow on Twitter

If she has never worn pumps with a purpose, that is all about to change. These are so freaking gorgeous and you don't even have to be a diehard fan to know that. Luckily, she is — and if you guys gift her a pair of these for her time with the bride tribe, she might not ever take them off.

Get The VIP Experience At Universal Orlando Resort
myu_oht0829 on Twitter

Now, this is one you all can enjoy. With the VIP experience, you get a personal tour of the grounds by your own guide. You also get front of the line passes for all of the rides and attractions. This will also include the rides and attractions in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Get your wands and cloaks ready.

Have Her In 'Harry Potter' Heaven At The Lockhart Cocktail Bar
lebongustavefr on Twitter

The Lockhart Cocktail Bar is located in Montreal and Toronto, Canada. If she hasn't heard of it before, prepare for her to geek out to the max with a yummy potion prepared from behind the bar. Wanna send things into high gear? Make sure she makes her way here the second or fourth Tuesday of the month for Harry Potter Trivia night.

Glide To Good Times At An Annual 'Harry Potter' Roller Skating Night
BrizzyVlogs on YouTube

Going to be in the Los Angeles area for your bride tribe festivities? Head down to Glendale, California for the 6th Annual Harry Potter Roller Skating Night. Muggles and wizards alike are welcome, and it'll be another opportunity for her to dress up in her Hogwarts gear. You all can even coordinate outfits.

Get A Bunch Of 'Harry Potter' Makeup Palettes And Try Some Tutorials
Kayla Hagey on YouTube

Those shades from Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Gryffindor are some of the prettiest colors when they're incorporated into your makeup routine. No matter which group the selection hat placed you in, you ladies will have a blast making each house come to life. Wear this out or keep it within the walls of your DIY, magical makeup day.

Everyone In the Bridal Party Gets A Small 'Harry Potter'-Themed Tattoo
how_do_it_com on Twitter

OK, this is going to be a permanent party favor, but they can be as small as you want. Besides, it is going to be so, so sweet for everyone in the bridal party to have a small tat that binds everyone together. Again, make sure everyone, including the bride, is down. If they are, head over to the parlor for some fun!

Your future bride is going to be happy with whatever magic you create for her. If she could rank how happy she is to be with you all, it would be a solid 10.