7 Awkward IG Interactions With A Partner’s Parents That Are SO Cringe

by Ginny Hogan
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Instagram is basically a filtered version of the Wild West. IMHO, no one has any idea how to use it — is it for networking? Friendship? Bragging? Shopping? Staying up-to-date with celebs? All of the above? If you find Instagram complicated, just imagine how your parents must feel about it — or, your partner's parents. If your partner's mom has ever commented something a little awkward on your Instagram pic, you're not alone — I spoke with a bunch of people about their awkward interactions with a partner's parents on the 'Gram, and you will laugh, cry, and possibly feel so uncomfortable you have to take a deep breath.

I dated a guy once whose mother replied to all my IG stories. At first, I found it adorable, but I actually have trouble managing all my communication, and I typically don't respond to Instagram DMs all that regularly (sorry, friends). I tried to always respond to her — she was my boyfriend's mom, after all — but I missed a few messages in a row. She sent a follow-up once that said, "Are you mad at me?" I felt horrible and uncomfortable, so I was relieved to learn I'm not the only person who has gone through this.

Read on to find seven stories of awkward interactions with a partner's parents that you can't wait to share with all your friends.

My partner's mom would comment, "Wish I was there" on all our photos together — including one taken the weekend we conceived our first child. I'm not sure she knew what we were up to!

— Teresa, 41

A Delayed Reaction
My ex's mom used to comment "so cute!!" and "gorgeous" and "your smile lights up a room!" on all my photos. It was so sweet, but I don't think my ex told her when we broke up, so she kept doing those comments for a while. When she stopped, though, a part of me missed it!

— Claudia, 23

The Insta-quisition
My ex's mom used to write the longest comments on all my IG photos. It was really nice, but it'd come with so many questions I had to answer, and I didn't know if it was rude to not answer them in the comments, or if they were sort of rhetorical questions. I already have social media anxiety, and worrying about whether I was leaving her hanging didn't help.

— Karen, 28

People Need Privacy
My boyfriend’s mom and grandma watched every single one of my instagram stories so I had to block them.

— Kate, 27

A Lot Of Effort
My MIL created a secondary account after I rejected her first account follow request. Later made my account public. Her stalker account is always one of the first to see my stories and fastidiously never likes my post, so if anyone is looking for a good undercover spy, she's nailing it.

— Amee, 34

The Slip Of The Thumb
Earlier this week, my boyfriend sent me a screenshot of a conversation between him and his dad. His dad was apologizing over and over... for accidentally liking one of my bikini pictures. I didn't mind, but he was mortified. Can't wait to see him next!

— Iman, 25

So Much Support
A week after dumping my boyfriend, his mom messaged me on IG: “I hope my son is not to blame for your tears. You’re a great, young woman — never forget that! If you need anything, I’m here." The most bizarre experience of my life, but she’s great.

— Stephanie, 22

Instagram can be a great place for connecting with friends and new people, and it can also be a place for connecting with the relatives of people you're dating. Still, these relationships already come with some baggage, and it's no wonder there are so many hilarious stories of IG interactions with a partner's parents. I hope you enjoy the story, and if you've been in a situation like this, I hope you can laugh about it!

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