7 Annoying AF Things Your Roomie Does That Turn You Into Sheldon Cooper

There's something beautiful about getting out on your own and actually choosing the people you want to live with. No offense to our parents or anything, but that freedom is golden. It's not always rainbows and butterflies, though, because having a roommate means adjusting — and by adjusting, I mean coping with the annoying things your roommate does because hey, no one is perfect.

There's a difference between being nit picky and simply wanting someone to abide by co-habitation courtesies. If you're overanalyzing everything, then you may just need to live on your own. But if you're talking about those annoying habits your roommate does — like leaving dirty dishes piled up in the sink all the time — then so many other people can also relate, like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. He's so on top of his roomie's habits that he even has a roommate agreement on standby. Yikes!

Don't get me wrong, you still adore your roomie and it's not just because they're your emergency contact now. This person is still incredibly awesome, but you'd be lying if you said they never get on your nerves. Some things you do probably get them annoyed as well. You have to take the good with the bad though, right?

If your roomie has ever done any of these annoying things, you've most likely channeled your inner Sheldon Cooper.

When They Borrow Something Of Yours And Don't Put It Back

Sharing is caring, but if you're trying to run out and meet friends for drinks and can't find your cute top anywhere, that's a major problem. It's not difficult to put something back that you borrow. At least, to you it's not that big of a deal. Borrowing anything should be a simple give, take, and then return process.

When They Eat Or Toss Out Something Of Yours In The Fridge

When you're out on your own, food is super valuable to you. If you have leftovers, those could be the very thing you look forward to the entire day. Seeing that they've disappeared from the fridge is tragic and disappointing AF.

Food is life, and a piece of yours was just stripped away. RIP, buffalo wings.

When Their Late-Night Hookup Is Your Wake Up Call

Look, we are all for our girl doing her thing, but does it have to be on a week day? Having to go to work with only minimum hours of sleep is so horrid. What's even worse is waiting for a stranger to get out of the bathroom in the a.m. when you're hardly functioning in your PJs.

When They Leave Dirty Dishes In The Sink

Dirty dishes piled up are a no-no. Maybe it's our parents who taught us and scolded us over and over again about cleaning the dishes that we use. Dirty dishes add up, and we now feel the pain our parents felt when they would leave for a long day's work and return to a mess. It's not fun at all.

When They Let Their Friend Park In Your Space Without Telling You

You pull up to your house and there's a random car in your spot. You love that spot and need that spot because parking is really not the best in your neighborhood. This spots gives you one less thing to worry about. It'd be nice if you knew beforehand about this change, so you weren't fuming in your car.

When They Use The Last Of Something And Don't Replace It

There is nothing worse than pouring a big bowl of cereal only to find out that there is little to no milk left. If your household is a share all kind of situation, it can be so annoying when your roomie doesn't replace stuff. No milk for your cereal? It's hard to come back from that.

When They Leave Their Shoes By The Door And You Trip On Them

You're seriously trippin'. That's only because your roomie insists on leaving their shoes by the door all of the time. I get it, you want to walk in the house and shed everything that has to do with being outside, but you are also tired of looking like a fool trying to catch your balance the second you come through the door.

Roommates are people we are going to remember forever, because they become our best friends. Even though you'd love to tweak a few habits, you couldn't picture shacking up with anyone else.