6 Things You Need To Appreciate About Your College Roomies Before Senior Year

by Tessa Harvey

There's something about senior year that makes everything feel that much more nostalgic. Even buying textbooks makes you feel a little sad... and not just because you're dishing out some serious cash. Your college roomies are at the top of the "I can't believe this is ending" list. You only have two semesters left, so now's the time to really make the most of those months and make as many plans with your college roomies as you can. After all, there are so many things to appreciate about your college roommates.

Senior year is a ball of excitement; we can't wait to finish and get to the other side. Though it's easier said than done, in all of that excitement, we have to take a moment or two to appreciate where we're at, and who we're with. After all, who else is going to take your roomies' place in your life? Yeah, definitely no one. Stop and enjoy these seven things about your college roomies before senior year is over.

1. Their Closets Are Also Your Closets

Living with your BFFs/college roomies is great, especially when you get dibs on their clothes. Unfortunately, you're down to your last few months with their closets. Don't forget to wear that shirt you love one more time before you're separated from it.

2. Having Fam Dinners With Your BFFs

There's nothing better than coming back to your apartment after classes and meetings and being greeted by your roomies and all the tea they have to spill about their day. Even if you're eating ramen noodles with plastic forks, it's the ritual that matters. You're going to miss these days.

3. They Always Listen To Your BS

Katarina Radovic

No matter what crap or drama you've been dealing with (a bad professor, a group project, or a fight with your parents), your roomies are there to offer listening ears. There have been countless times when you've sat on your besties' beds and wailed about your bad days. Though they'll always be there for a phone call, it won't be quite the same.

4. They've Seen You Grow Over Time

You and your roomies have been through it all in these four years, and it shows. Each one of you knows just how far the other as come. Just like all of you have grown up, so has your friendship.

5. The Late-Night Girl Talk Sessions

If you're going to miss one thing about living with your college roommates, it's the late-night girl talk sessions. They always know just what to say to get you back on your feet, and also all of the jokes to crack to make you laugh. This year, make the most of those gossip sessions while you can.

6. Your College Experience Wouldn't Be The Same Without Them

Beatrix Boros

Most importantly, over the years, your college roommates have become your best friends. You can't imagine having spent these four years with anyone else. Show your appreciation these last few months and make sure they know they are your BFFs.