7 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Theories To Hold You Over Until The Premiere


American Horror Story fans have been getting a ton of new details about the upcoming eighth season of the anthology series over the past few days, but true to form, the major over-arching plot and characters of the apocalyptic season are still a mystery. But thankfully, Ryan Murphy has dropped more than enough details for fans to piece together some pretty convincing theories about Season 8. While we wait for the new season to premiere, let's reason out some of the most compelling American Horror Story: Apocalypse fan theories.

Before we jump into the fan theories, let's lay out everything that we know about American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Here are some of the details that Ryan Murphy or the stars of Apocalypse have confirmed about the new season over the past few months:

  • Apocalypse will be set in the near future, around October of 2019.
  • The season will be a crossover between Season 1 Murder House and Season 3 Coven.
  • Actors reprising their Murder House characters include: Sarah Paulson as Billie Dean Howard, Jessica Lange as Constance Langdon, and newcomer Cody Fern playing an adult version of Michael Langdon.
  • Actors reprising their Coven characters include: Sarah Paulson as Cordelia Goode and Emma Roberts as Madison Montgomery.
  • The season will also star: Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Joan Collins, Adina Porter, Cheyenne Jackson, Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner, Leslie Grossman, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Kyle Allen, Billy Porter, and Lesley Fera.

And the most exciting detail of all: AHS recently released the teaser trailer for Apocalypse, which features tons of disturbing imagery related to the new season.

Okay, so with all of those details in mind, let's get to theorizing!

1. Michael Langdon is at the center of the season.

Most AHS fans are taking this one as a given after Ryan Murphy revealed an older version of Michael had been cast, and the teaser and promo shots have focused so largely on demonic babies. As fans will recall, Michael was the antichrist born at the end of Murder House. Since the goal of the antichrist is to bring about the end of the world, it feels pretty clear that Michael will be central to the apocalypse in Season 8.

2. The main characters will all be mutants.

During the cast's TCA panel, the stars teased that the first episode of Season 8 will be the titular apocalypse, and that the story of the main characters will really begin after that. The teaser hints that the show's apocalypse will likely be by way of a nuclear holocaust, so it sounds like the characters in this new season will be mutant survivors of a nuclear bomb. This theory could also explain why Sarah Paulson's new character Venable will be equipped with mysterious dental appliances.

3. Lady Gaga will return as Scáthach.

Last month, AHS fans speculated over which surprise cast member Billy Eichner was hiding in an obstructed photo he uploaded, and it ended up really seeming like it could be Lady Gaga. Ryan Murphy has teased that he invited back all the witches from AHS past, and in the past, he had teased that Gaga's Roanoke character Scáthach would be further explored in a season related to Coven. Sounds like it is time for Scáthach's return.


4. Sister Mary Eunice will return.

Although Apocalypse has been teased as a crossover between Murder House and Coven, some fans also think that one character from Asylum could make her big return. The teaser shows a woman in a silk slip surviving the apocalypse, and some viewers thought that woman might be Sister Mary Eunice. In addition, the teaser includes a bit of biblical imagery with a fig being cut open to reveal two scorpions (figs are mentioned throughout the bible, including the Book of Revelation).


5. Characters will be able to travel through time.

OK, this one sounds pretty out-there, but really nothing is off the table when it comes to AHS. Due to the prominence of hourglasses in the promo art and teaser, some fans think the show is hinting at a time travel motif for Season 8. One Redditor made the point that since the season kicks off with the apocalypse, the rest of the season could involve traveling to the past to prevent the apocalypse from happening.

6. Michael Langdon's twin brother Jeffrey is the key.

It seems pretty clear that Michael Langdon will likely be the primary force in bringing about the apocalypse, so now the question is how the other characters will try to stop him. Some fans think the answer lies in Michael's twin brother Jeffrey Harmon, whom he killed while being born at the end of Murder House.

The teaser shows a dark heart absorbing and killing a fetus, which seems like a clear nod to Michael killing Jeffrey in the womb. Perhaps the way to strip Michael of his antichrist powers involves bringing Jeffrey back to life.

7. The season of summer will somehow be important.

Billy Eichner has been one of the best cast members in terms of dishing details about Apocalypse online. Most recently, he uploaded a photo of himself wearing a head mold for the new season.

But the most telling part about the post were the comments. Eichner's costars Billie Lourd and Leslie Grossman both made comments about summer:


I really do not have a clue what this could mean for Apocalypse, but I guess it will be sunny?

American Horror Story: Apocalypse will premiere on FX on Sept. 12, 2018.