Pilot Pete from 'The Bachelor' holds a rose to hand out in front of an airplane.
These Airplane & Hangar Airbnbs Deserve A Rose From Pilot Pete

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If you've been watching this season of The Bachelor, you know one thing to be true about Pete Weber: He's a pilot. Almost every episode he's either referred to as "Pilot Pete" or he's flying one of the girls in a plane on their dreamy one-on-one date. So if you love The Bachelor and have airplane fever, you might want to check out some airplane and hangar Airbnbs for your very own weekend getaway.

Airbnb is known for having a variety of really unique stays that are more than just a loft in a fun city. If you want to channel your inner princess, you can stay in a tower in Europe. Or if you're a major fan of The Hobbit, you can book a home that'll transport you to The Shire. The possibilities are endless, though, if you want to stay in a place that Pilot Pete may very well give a rose to.

You can literally sleep inside an airplane that's been turned into an Airbnb, or have the whole hangar to yourself and reenact the dramatic rose ceremony after hometowns from this season. Stay with your Bachelor-watching squad, or sweep your bae away with a weekend getaway. Whatever you do, remember to pick a place you would also give your rose to.

This Plane In France

Grab your passport and spend a few nights in an actual plane in France. This converted one-bedroom home will probably be the most comfortable sleep you get while in an airplane. Not only does it have three beds that can sleep up to four people, but during the summer, you can enjoy the swimming pool and water slides on site as well.

This Hangar Lodge In Texas

You'll probably forget you're in an airplane hangar when you're staying at this two-bedroom lodge in Texas. The lodge itself is a gorgeous home built within a giant airplane hangar. That means in the morning while you're sipping your first coffee of the day, you'll look out to see a giant airplane hangar all for you to enjoy.

This Airplane Hangar Apartment In Florida

If you're into airplanes just as much as Pilot Pete, you might want to book this fully decorated airplane hangar in Florida. This apartment is listed as a "Man Cave," but it's a fun place for anyone to kick back and relax in. It features a bar, TV, and fireplace, which can all be used for a cozy night of re-watching The Bachelor with your two besties.

This Airplane Hangar In Florida That Looks Like A Mini Town

On the same property as the "Man Cave" is this airplane hangar stay. The airplane hangar is known as Downtown Danville Hangar, and looks like a tiny downtown area with its very own pub. The two-bedroom space you'll be staying in is the Danville Inn, which is also located within the same airplane hangar.

This Hangar Loft Apartment In South Carolina

If you and your partner want to get away for the weekend, consider booking this hangar loft in South Carolina. What used to be an airplane hangar is now converted into lofts for guests to enjoy. It's a cozy little stay, and can be like your very own one-on-one date all weekend long.

This Aircraft Hangar In Tennessee

This aircraft hangar in Tennessee is perfect for a trip with your Bachelor-watching friends. From the outside, it looks like a regular aircraft hangar, but on the inside, it's a beautifully-decorated mid-century modern loft. There are even sweet details like an airplane chandelier and a departures and arrivals welcome mat.

This Airport Hangar Loft In Florida

You can fly right to this airport hangar in Florida. That's right — instead of taking your car, you can take your plane (if you've got one) and park it right in front of your Airbnb loft. This hangar can sleep up to six people, so all of your friends are invited to join in on the fun. There's even a cute balcony with a couch for you to kick back on and watch the airplanes fly by.

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