The Best '90s Shows On Netflix To Watch With Your Sis, Because The Nostalgia's Real

Watching TV on the couch with your sister when you were younger is one of those keepsake memories you most likely revisit now that you're older. The shows you watched together mentally transported you to exhilarating adventures and exciting stories you cherished so much. It's about time you look for '90s shows on Netflix to watch with your sis, because adulting can really make you miss those simple, but beloved mornings of shared bed hair and fighting over the remote.

Saturday mornings were marked by the sound of you two pouring bowls of cereal and congregating around the TV. It's really what you lived for as you welcomed in the highly-anticipated weekend. These '90s shows likely made an appearance throughout different parts of your childhood and pre-teen years. Watching these shows with your sis will have you both feeling that sacred childlike nostalgia you hardly have time to revisit. She's your favorite reminiscing partner, mostly because she was there by your side when you were first introduced to these lovely shows.

You'll settle right back into old times with your pajamas and Cheerios if you watch these '90s shows. Of course, some of them stretched into the '00s, and they all will forever hold special places in our hearts. Needless to say, call your sister up ASAP and give her the lowdown on this nostalgic game plan.

'That '70s Show'
BeyondHomeEntertain on YouTube

Even if you weren't born in the '70s, this show made it seem like a hilarious, awesome time to be alive. Airing for the first time in 1998, That '70s Show was one of those sitcoms where you really grew to love every single one of the characters. Honestly, many of us wished we were part of their crew.

You and your sis may have hovered around the TV when a new episode was on, and tuned out everything else for a bit. Luckily, Netflix can bring all of those feels back. Although, no one has to fight over the remote anymore (hopefully).

Ti Ger on YouTube

Let's be real here — you never stopped watching this epic show. And as the two of you got older, you caught on to certain aspects of Friends that you likely overlooked when you were younger. Their '90s attire was everything, and re-watching this now with your sister will make you want to establish your go-to coffee spot with your friend crew.

'Bill Nye, The Science Guy'
SlayerMatt69 on YouTube

OK, maybe most of us were first introduced to our main dude Bill in school, but we are more than happy that we were. This meant watching TV in class with minimal instruction and literally humming that theme song for the rest of the day. You may not have shared class with your sis, but this show is about to make you both reminisce on learning random science lesson from a pretty cool teacher.

arzhiiblazt on YouTube

What was up with shows filling our little hopeful hearts with the idea that maybe, just maybe, we were little witches waiting to tap into our magical powers? Well, it worked — and watching Charmed was no different. I mean, they were witches battling the evils of the world, and they were also sisters. How fitting is it to watch this gem with your main partner in crime?

Video Detective on YouTube

Let's first blame this show for so many of us wanting to hide under our blankets when we went to bed at night as kids. Somehow, we're insistent on doing or watching things that scare the living crap out of us. Go figure. Don't get me started on the theme song.

In my opinion, Goosebumps had some chilling storylines and was one of the creepiest shows to watch as a kid. Remember fighting over who would turn off the light afterwards? It was that serious.

'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'
Reza The Rizzler on YouTube

I don't care what anyone says, Power Rangers were dope AF when I was growing up. Yeah, we all fought with our friends over which Power Ranger we wanted to be and totally owned it. You and your sister might have even seen the most recent movie, because Power Rangers was a key part of your TV watching after school or on Saturday mornings.

'The Magic School Bus'

Ms. Frizzle was the G.O.A.T. Yeah, she would send the kids on crazy adventures that a permission slip would never allow — but she was so awesome. This show may have also been shown in your classes a couple of times. Oh, the good old days when you thought your ride home on the bus would turn into some unforgettable escapade.

It is so awesome that Netflix can send you back to a time when you and your sis chilled on your couch and watched TV. You'd travel back in time, or to any time with her.