These Zodiac Signs Should Never Be Roommates, So Choose Wisely

by Rosey Baker
Stocksy / Studio Six

You ever entered into a living situation with one of your best friends, only to find out that it absolutely ruined your relationship? Well, you're not alone, cupcake. You might have just been one of the poor, unfortunate souls who decided to make a living arrangement between two zodiac signs that should never, ever be roommates. Sorry. There are certain zodiac signs that should never be roommates. I know the list of requirements for a roommate is already long enough, and the last thing you need to be asking people is for a list of references plus a full astrological birth chart. The good news is, you don't have to do all that. Sun signs are a good indicator of whether or not you'll make a good living pair, and you can look that up on someone's Facebook page without them even knowing, which is also the first thing I'd do when I was out there in the dating world.

Once you've done some thorough internet sleuthing and find out what your potential roomie's sign is, you can refer back to this handy guide to discover whether you're destined for disaster.

Don't worry, if you're already in a great situation, this obviously doesn't apply to you. Sun signs are as general as it gets in astrology; there are so many other factors of a person's chart that could make an otherwise incompatible couple work incredibly well together. That said, sun signs do provide about a 70/30 estimation on your odds.

Scorpio & Gemini

Gemini is chatty as hell and extremely social. They love to gossip for the social aspect, not because they're particularly malicious. Scorpio won't see it that way though. As much as Scorpio would enjoy hearing all about people's secrets (and Gemini would be all too pleased to fill them in) it's in Scorpio's nature to distrust anyone who is so open to sharing other people's private information.

Scorpios are extremely secretive, and sharing their living space with another person only magnifies their issues with trust. These two could be the best of friends before moving in together, but Gemini will be saddened to find out that the moment they sign that lease, up go Scorpio's emotional walls. This arrangement begins as a fun and interesting pair of friends, but eventually leads to Gemini feeling lonely, and Scorpio to feeling isolated and paranoid.

Aries & Cancer

There's no worse match than a fiery, outgoing, full-combat-mode Aries and a moody, passive, always-on-the-verge-of-tears Cancer. Aries wakes up every day ready to tackle the world, while Cancer wakes up wanting to hide from it, and craving someone to hide from it with them. It won't take much time before Aries starts feeling like Cancer is deliberately dragging them down and before Cancer starts feeling like Aries doesn't care about their feelings. They're both right.

Pisces & Virgo

Virgo and Pisces could be a real toss up. On the one hand, having opposing sun signs can be helpful to both individuals, as one is made up of what the other lacks. But in the case of a living situation, these two could run into trouble.

Virgo is practical, logical, and detail-oriented. They're known for being perfectionist Type A's. Pisces couldn't be more different. When it comes time to pay the rent or bills, Pisces will have to be reminded a thousand times, and Virgo could easily get tired of playing babysitter to this sign, whose head is always in the clouds.

Again, there are a lot of aspects to whether or not two signs are compatible. If you read this and say, "Ugh! That's like, so general, she could be talking about anyone!" You'd be right. These are sun signs, and sun signs are as general as astrology gets. If you really want to know your compatibility (and cross the line from astrology "enthusiast" to a full-on-fanatic) hire an astrologer and they'll explain all the ins and outs.