Why A Pisces And Libra Relationship Will Most Likely End In Disaster

by Rosey Baker
Daring Wanderer

Ah, Libra and Pisces, two of the most romantic, idealistic, and codependent signs in the zodiac. What could possibly go wrong? These two seem absolutely destined for one another, with Libra's love of compromise, and Pisces' ability to tune into the needs of others' without saying a word. You'd think that a Libra and Pisces relationship would be absolutely ideal, and you would be right. They do consider one another actual ideals. When Libra looks at Pisces, they see all of their romantic dreams and wishes come to life in one person. When Pisces looks at Libra, they finally feel they've been put on the pedestal they've been wanting to be on all their lives. What a disappointment though, when the two of them find out that in fact, they are both human and they are capable of mistakes.

There are plenty of reasons Libra and Pisces could, in fact, work out to be the perfect pairing, (and depending on their individual charts, actually could), but based on their sun signs alone, the chances are not great. You have to look at the interplay of Libra's and Pisces' planets, and how those planets work in order to understand why this combination is just not destined for long term success, and why they thought they might be in the first place.

Libra is ruled by Venus, Pisces by Neptune: Idealism & Delusion

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which makes it romantic, idealistic, and in love with love. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, secrets, fantasies, delusions, and blurred boundaries. When Pisces, a sign that is already challenged by seeing where they end and another person begins, is held up on a pedestal for Libra to worship, the pressure becomes too much. Pisces can't stand the thought of letting Libra down, so instead, they keep their "less favorable" thoughts and feelings to themselves.

Lucky for Libra, Pisces are terrible liars; they give too many details, and forget to cover their tracks. Libra, who hates confrontation, and tends to intellectualize their emotions, will wait too long to talk about things they are upset about, so even if they know Pisces is keeping a secret, they aren't great about talking about it.

You can see how this could be severely damaging for a relationship, right?

Neptune & Venus: Bad With Money

Let's say the happy couple gets past all that stuff I wrote about before (with the dishonesty and the bad communication and the avoiding confrontation to keep the peace), and they actually move in together, because they probably will. In spite of everything, Libra and Pisces do have an unwavering belief in the power of love to overcome any obstacle.

But can love fix the fact that when you put together Libras' expensive taste with Pisces' uncontrolled spending habits, these two are bound to run out of money before their first rent check? Neither one of them is willing to play accountant to the other, and as much as this can be a fun combination, unless one is willing to be the grounding force in the relationship, they could be doomed to go broke.

Sex Too Good To Be True

I will say this: The sex will be out-of-this-world great. When these two get into bed together, it's like a shot of adrenaline straight to the bloodstream, and that kind of chemistry is just too good to resist. Unfortunately, some Pisces have a tendency to run off and seek thrills elsewhere when they feel the excitement runs out of one relationship, and cheating is a lie they actually are good at covering up.

At the very least, this will be a love story both parties will never forget. They'll have insanely fun adventures, they will throw themselves into it with the furious passion of hurricane season, and they will never forget the stories they'll gain just from throwing it all to the wind on some crazy lovesick dream. It's just too bad that for the most part, lovesick dreams aren't that functional in the real world.