This Is The Spooky Yoga Flow You Need If You Want To Get Into The Halloween Spirit

With Halloween just a few weeks away now, it's officially time to get as spooky as humanly possible. In between pumpkin carving, costume planning, and jammin' out to your favorite festive jams, you might want to squeeze in a quick yoga flow to get those muscles strengthened and lengthened — you know, so your arms are in optimal condition for holding two candy baskets instead of one while you trick or treat this year, amirite? That's why incorporating some yoga poses for Halloween into your next flow will allow you to find your zen while simultaneously preserving the proper, frightful, festive mindset to pay homage to All Hallows' Eve.

This short sequence will inspire you to bring out your inner child with the playful, imaginative, and child-like names of the poses. Or, if you're more into the dark, twisted, haunted side of Halloween, you could totally bring an eerie vibe to just about all of these poses, and scare anyone who walks into the room while you're practicing.

It's your practice, and that means you can make it as tame as It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, or as disturbing and mildly scarring as The Ring.

Regardless of how you decide to execute this flow, these six yoga poses will definitely immerse you in the Halloween spirit.

Corpse Pose (Savasana)
Ellie Aaron on YouTube

Savasana is everyone's favorite pose because it's basically like a power nap right on your mat. And luckily, it's spooky and festive AF. I mean, what gives off Halloween vibes more than playing dead?

Let your body melt into the ground and release all tension as you lay in this pose. Close your eyes, and use these peaceful moments to low-key daydream about how your kickass costume is totally going to win the costume contest this year.

Frankenstein Pose (Dandasana)
NamasteTV on YouTube

Staff pose, or Frankenstein pose, strengthens the back muscles, improves your posture, and provides a nice stretch for your shoulders and chest.

Plus, if you extend your arms out in front of you in this asana, you'll look exactly like your boy Frankenstein. How's that for spooky vibes?

Black Cat (Marjaryasana)
Shilpa's Yoga on YouTube

This pose rounds your upper back and provides a nourishing massage to your organs and spine.

In the name of being festively extra AF, calling this asana "Black Cat" until Oct. 31st is more than acceptable in my book.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can incorporate ujjayi breathing into this exhilarating spinal release. This means making a loud hissing sound as you're breathing, which originates from the back of your throat.

Essentially, you'll sound and look like a majorly pissed off kitty cat. Now all you need is an all black get-up.

Crescent Moon (Ashta Chandrasana)
mokshayogavideo on YouTube

Crescent moon is a deep side stretch that should feel really juicy and relieving, as the bending motion stretches your arms, rib cage, and torso, while also toning your obliques.

Close your eyes, and as you let the benefits of this pose consume you, envision a dark, expansive, peaceful, sky with just a sliver of light provided by a real crescent moon peaking through the clouds.

Headless Headstand (Pincha Mayurasana)
Super Sister Fitness on YouTube

OK, so technically you're just going to attempt a forearm stand inversion for this pose, but like, how much creepier and cooler does "headless headstand" sound?

Pincha mayurasana strengthens your back, shoulders, arms, and core, while energizing your body and improving blood circulation.

Forearm stand is definitely a more advanced asana, so if you're trying it for the first time, make sure you either have an experienced spotter to help you, or try it against the wall with the guidance of the above tutorial.

Even if you're low-key afraid of inverting, I promise getting past your fear will make you feel totally badass and invincible AF.

Monster's Roar (Simhasana)
Yoga With Adriene on YouTube

This pose is usually called "lion's breath," but "monster's roar" is totally going to be a thing in honor of Halloween season.

Simhasana relieves tension in the chest and face, and honestly, it feels therapeutic as hell if you really give it your all.

You might feel totally ridiculous while you're doing it. Or you can really make the most of the spooky spirit by channeling some major Exorcist vibes.

Happy Halloween, my spooky yogis!