6 Ways Sex Changes After You Stop Using Condoms, So You Know What To Expect

Deciding to stop using condoms with your partner is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. While there are a lot of risks associated with foregoing barrier protection, there may come a time when the two of you decide together that you are ready to take this step. Before you take it, you need to consider the risks and weigh them against the ways sex changes after you stop using condoms to decide if it's really the right choice for you.

As someone who truly believes in the sexual empowerment of women, no option should be off the table — and yes, that even includes ditching protection. Personally, I wouldn't even consider it unless I were specifically trying to get pregnant, but that's my truth. While freedom of choice is a huge factor in sexual empowerment, having knowledge and being educated on the subject is equally important, because you really can’t have one without the other. If you don’t fully understand your options, how can you actually make a choice, right? So, we're going to talk about how sex changes when you stop using condoms.

But before we dive into the good, the bad, and the, well, messy of it all, let's talk about the most important factor: readiness. Are you actually ready to go latex-free? Ask yourself these six essential questions: What is your back-up birth control? Have you been tested for STIs? Has your partner?And, if so, have you seen their results? How much can you really trust your partner? Because it only takes one slip-up for those test results to be irrelevant. Is this decision equally consensual for both parties? If you're feeling any pressure, or are pushing your partner, now is not the time stop using condoms. And last but, most definitely not least, if the worst-case scenario were to occur and you were to either get pregnant or contract an STI, are you really ready for those consequences? Stop and give this one some serious thought. If, after thinking long and hard about all those questions, you’re still ready to get your raw dog on, here's what to expect.

1. Fewer Trips to The Drugstore


When you have condoms at the ready, they are the most convenient birth control method. You don't have to take them daily, you don't have to have a doctor administer them, they don't have any side effects (unless you’re allergic to latex and, in that case, polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms are an option). However, when you don't have one handy, it can be a pain to make that mad dash to the drug store to buy a pack — especially when you discover you don't have one when things are heating up. So, one benefit of making the choice to go condom-free is that there are fewer reasons to run to the drugstore. Unless, of course, you aren’t careful and end up needing to go there for another reason… I’m talking about pregnancy tests. Which brings us to the next way stopping using condoms changes sex…

2. Your Birth Control Game Needs To Be On Point


When you decide to forego condoms responsibly, part of that is figuring out what form of birth control is going to replace them. You can opt for the pill, which, according to Planned Parenthood, is 91 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. Or, if you don't have any plans of getting pregnant in the next several years, you may want to go for an IUD, which is 99 percent effective and doesn’t require you to even think about it for up to 12 years.

And, for the love all things unplanned, please do not just rely on the withdrawal method (aka spray and pray). I don’t care how good he claims his pull-out game is, this is a terrible and unreliable (78 percent effective) form of birth control.

3. There Is A Slight Change In Sensation


OK, and now for the biggie. You’ve likely heard that sex without a condom feels a lot better. But is that actually true? Maybe, but in reality the person who really feels a difference is the partner with a penis. For you, the feeling may be slightly different, but, for the most part, the same. However, a part of the pleasure of sex is the pleasure of your partner, so seeing the increased sensation they are experiencing can be a turn-on and improve the experience over all. However…

4. The Sex Won’t Last As Long


The sex may feel slightly better for you, but enjoy it while it lasts, because it probably won’t last long. All that increased pleasure for your partner means it's likely to wrap up a lot more quickly than it has in the past. So, foreplay and consideration for your needs prior to the actual intercourse is going to be even more important than it was before.

5. The Aftermath Is Messier


If having sex without a condom changes the pregame a bit, it has even more of an effect on the postgame. Any minute, that unfettered peen is going to do its thing, and you need to have a game plan for where all that sexy time confetti is going to go now that it no longer has tidy little latex receptacle to collect it. That means, either it’s going to be on you, in you, or on a predesignated spot. I highly recommend figuring that out before the festivities commence. If it’s on you, you’ll need a towel handy. If it’s in you, prepare to do the penguin walk to the bathroom to clean up. And if it’s elsewhere, well, just plan accordingly.

6. How You Feel About Trusting Your Partner Changes


The final way foregoing condoms changes sex will be less literal: It's going to change the dynamic of your relationship. Trust is a big part of any healthy relationship, but that’s especially true when you stop using barrier protection, because you’re no longer just entrusting this person with your heart and mind but with your body and health, too. A broken heart will heal, but there are real lasting consequences if your partner breaks your trust now.

Bottom line: Your sexual choices are yours to make, but so too are the consequences, so make smart decisions. Don't rush into ditching condoms to make a partner happy. The time to stop using condoms is when it's right for both of you — and when you’ve really thought about it, like, a lot.

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