6 Underrated Things To Do In L.A. On Your Birthday That'll Seriously Top Last Year's Party

It's almost time to put your party shoes on and toss some glitter in the air, because your birthday is right around the corner. You're dreaming of planning another epic party that will top last year's. I'll happily admit that I'm obsessed with my birthday, and like to celebrate all month long. Though, I always plan for one major party, and each year, I feel like it needs to be something completely different than the year before. Now that I live in Los Angeles, I'm constantly on the lookout for underrated things to do in L.A. on your birthday.

Let's face it: The same scene can get pretty cliché, and you want your birthday to stand out. You don't want your big day to feel like a repeat of the last birthday your friend group celebrated. This won't be another year of going to your favorite bar for a round of celebratory drinks, either. Oh no, this is your chance to really go all out, and truly sparkle in that spotlight. So, if you're in planning mode and looking for a few great ideas that'll leave a lasting impression, you might want to consider any of these six unique L.A. birthday parties.

Have A Night Out At Universal CityWalk

This is exactly how I celebrated my birthday this year, and I absolutely loved it. CityWalk is actually a hidden gem. There are so many great restaurants and fun bars to hit up with your favorite squad.

I recommend first stopping by Voodoo Doughnut for the sweetest birthday treat, kicking back in a comfy recliner chair to see a movie at Universal Cinema, and then finishing the night at Howl at the Moon where there's live music and you can request any song you'd like.

Go Dancing At Clifton's Downtown
Javier Romera/Shutterstock

I went to a birthday party at Clifton's Republic in Downtown L.A., and felt like I stepped into my very own Disneyland away from Disneyland. This bar is a taste of the old Hollywood vibes you'd crave in L.A.

In one room, they have a live band for you and your friends to go dancing. They also have the cutest hidden tiki bar with tropical decor and fun drinks (if you're 21 or up).

Enjoy Incredible Birthday Eats And Music In Koreatown

If you love both great food and good music, you need to have a Koreatown birthday party. Start the festivities off by enjoying the most delicious eats at a Korean barbecue restaurant, then make your way over to one of the many karaoke spots. Consider renting out a private room just for you and your squad, and sing as many Spice Girls and Britney Spears songs as your heart desires.

Check Out The #Views On A Hike To Paradise Falls In Wildwood Park

L.A. is known for its great hiking trails. If you'd rather be one with nature on your birthday than hosting the festivities indoors, you may want to go on a hiking adventure with your crew. Consider exploring a trail to Paradise Falls in Wildwood Park.

Paradise Falls is a gorgeous waterfall that's the ultimate backdrop for your birthday pics. You also already have the perfect caption locked down by quoting the movie Up: "Adventure is out there."

Toast Your "Flaming Margaritas" At El Compadre To A Party You'll Never Forget

This is exactly what I did for my first-ever birthday party in L.A., and it was the best party ever. It was a night out in Echo Park, where we had dinner at El Compadre. My friend and I wanted to go for its iconic "flaming margaritas" (which are seriously so fun and Instagram-worthy). This is definitely a great spot to ring in the birthday vibes.

Have A Throwback Party With A Bounce House
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When in doubt, have some fun in your own backyard. If you're missing the golden days of parties with hats, ice cream cake, and bouncy houses, then you need to tap into that nostalgia for a totally unique birthday bash this year. Rent out a bounce for the afternoon, and throw a party for the books. You'll definitely feel like a kid again.

If you'd rather take the celebrating to one of your favorite parks, head on over to the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks website for facility use, moon bounce fees, and additional information.