6 Types Of Valentine's Day Dates You'll Probably Experience In Your 20s

Good 'ole V-Day. You can't escape it, and you may hate it — but you should really learn to love it, in my opinion. Why? Because it'll be so much more fun that way! And of course, it's more fun when you have someone to celebrate it with. Throughout your 20s, there will be different types of Valentine's Day dates you'll probably experience — some good and some not so great. But, they'll all be equally unforgettable.

Your 20s is a prime time for dating. Regardless of if it's Feb. 14 or not, you'll have guys and girls of all sorts on your radar — and odds are, you'll end up with one of these people on Cupid's favorite day. Maybe you're not looking for anything serious, and they are. Or maybe they're not really paying attention to you on the date like you want. It may be a total bust, or it may surprise you; really anything can happen on Valentine's Day.

Basically, be open and honest about your feelings. Letting each type of date know what your expectations are upfront is the most important thing. Every single one of these dates can be a great one, you just have to open yourself up to enjoying it. Also, you deserve a good V-Day, so go out and take it!

The One Who Likes You Way More Than You Like Them

The poor guy (or gal). They might constantly be doing things for your attention, and texting you a ton. They really put a lot of effort into whatever you're doing for Valentine's Day. They also probably got you a really nice gift, so if you're able to, it's an extremely thoughtful gesture to reciprocate with something for them, too. But, if you're really not feeling this connection, do them and yourself a favor, and let them go. No one deserves to be strung along.

The One You Just Started Dating

So, you just started dating. A week ago? A month ago? You're not sure — but you think that you should be doing something this V-Day. What's the protocol? Should gifts be involved, or champagne? Fancy lingerie? But what about that fancy AF place you wanted to try for dinner — does it scream commitment? Do you want it to scream commitment?!

Phew, there is a lot going on in your head right now. Just relax and talk it out. Yes, this may be easier said than done, but it can definitely be done. Enjoy your partner, and let them know what you want and ask what they think you two should do. Communication is absolutely key. And enjoy it! You have a Valentine, so how great is that?

The One You've Been "With" For Awhile, But You're Also Confused AF

OK, so here's the other end of that dilemma. You've never defined the relationship, yet have been "together" for awhile, so what do you do? You can definitely go out for Valentine's Day (honestly, you should — especially if you're both free). But what does it all mean?! You're going to be sitting there, thinking about the fact that you never established if you're officially a couple, and now you might be kicking yourself for not doing it.

In my opinion, the same protocol applies here. Talk it out! He or she may be feeling the same way about you, and if not, then you can figure out a game plan from there.

The One You're Super In Love With, But Don't Want To Scare Him or Her Off

So, you're dating a hunk, a dreamboat, an absolute gorgeous god or goddess. You are in love. This may be your first Valentine's Day together, and you want it to go perfectly. You can't get enough of them and you want the whole world to know it. But, chill out a bit. You don't want to scare them off — but you also want to be able to enjoy this V-Day. Relax, and enjoy your boo. It'll be what they want too.

The One You've Been Crushing On For Awhile And Are Finally Going Out With

Maybe you've been checking someone out from afar for awhile, and finally snagged them for this Valentine's Day. First off, congrats. The love game is strong with you. And secondly, don't overthink things. This is the person you've been eyeing, so have fun and live in the moment.

The Hook-Up Buddy You Want To See Today, But Not Make It More Than It Is

OK, so this one is possibly a little tricky. You might love hooking up with your friends-with-benefits type person. You adore it. It feels great, you both get a lot out of it, and you really enjoy spending time with them. You've got a good thing going on, and you want to keep it that way. However, you also want to see them today of all days: Valentine's Day. You don't want to be anything than what you are, but you do love seeing them. In my opinion, just make sure to be up front about it with them. But also, get your V-Day kicks, because you definitely deserve it.