6 Sweet Traditions To Start With Your BFF's Daughter Now & Continue Forever

by Tessa Harvey

You love your best friend, and you'd do anything for her. The two of you have done life together, laughed together, and cried together. You're sure you can get through anything else life throws at you — and it's because she's right there by your side. There's no one that can come between you. Well, there wasn't anyone, at least... until your best friend had a daughter. She might have been slow warming up to you at first, but you quickly realized you might love this little human more than the world. After all, it's like hanging out with the younger, more hilarious version of your bestie. So, now it's time to start building on being the best auntie you can be — and that means getting some traditions to start with your best friend's daughter in order.

Coming up with and sticking to traditions can be hard — I won't lie. There's a ton of pressure on getting it right, and making sure it's the right tradition for you two to share. You want to make sure it's fun and enjoyable for the both of you, and relatively easy to organize. After all, it's not a tradition if it doesn't continue from year to year, right?

Luckily, you don't have to do much thinking. These six traditions are fun, easy, and completely flexible to what you and your BFF's daughter would like best. Now, go get started.

A Brunch, With Just The Two Of You

Who doesn't bond over breakfast foods? It's the perfect meal, and the perfect early morning tradition. The timing is completely up to you — are we talking monthly? Yearly? Whatever you choose, it's a great chance for the two of you to catch up and make some delicious waffles with whipped cream to top.

Reading A Book Together, Just Because

When she's younger, this quite literally means reading the book together, so make sure that's your thing before you get started. As she's older, it can mean reading a YA novel ( I mean, hey, you're still going to be hip, so why not?), and eventually she'll be recommending books you'll both adore. You'll create memories and conversation the both of you will cherish forever.

Cook Her Mom Up Something Special

No one said you had to be superstar cooks for this. Your BFF will just love that the two of you are doing something together, and that it's for her. Shell also probably appreciate some free time to herself to run errands or catch up on her book. And if you do this yearly, your cooking has got to get better. At least, I hope.

Pick A Random National Holiday To Celebrate

National Cupcake Day sounds like a good excuse as any to have a celebration, if you ask me. Pick your favorite national day together, and go all out on that day, every year. Your BFF's daughter will totally love that the two of you have a special day together. You can even bring her mom in on the fun if you feel like it — why not share the love and make it the ultimate girls' day?

Board Games, Bowling, Or Just Have A Night In

Here's a secret: As long as it's got a set time in your calendar on a consistent basis, it's a tradition. Maybe you're a big bowler, or maybe Monopoly is your thing. Whatever it is, your BFF's mini-me might like it, too. It'll be your thing.

If you can't think of anything, plan the ultimate night in. Prep the snacks, the movies, and lots of popcorn. Sure, you might be stuck with Pixar and Disney for the first few years, but admit it — there's nothing else you'd rather watch.

Amp Up Her Jewelry Collection

Even if you or her don't wear it everyday, it's still fun to pick out a special piece of jewelry. If she's too young for it now, you can start her bracelet, necklace, or charm collection to give to her when she's a little older.