5 Sweet Things To Do For Your Niece On Her Birthday If You Want To Be Her Fave

by Tessa Harvey

You may have always dreamed of being a cool aunt. After all, you love your sibling, and they're related to you, so of course their kid is going to be a spectacular human. The day you actually became an aunt, you realized it's so much better than you ever could have imagined — especially when it comes to thinking up sweet things to do for you niece's birthday. That's when you really let your creativity shine.

Honestly, aunthood is where it's at. Your niece adores you, and the feeling is mutual. You get to spoil her all of the time, and you have an exclusive invite to her tea parties. You can't help but smile when she gets so excited to see you that she runs into your arms to give you the biggest hug. Yeah, aunthood is pretty cool — but it can be kind of stressful figuring out just how to make her birthday epic.

Where do you take her? What can truly top what you did last year? And is it really going to make you the "coolest aunt ever" in her eyes? To be honest, I'm sure you're already the best aunt ever. But if you're just looking to solidify that title (and maybe earn a T-shirt with the label), these five ideas are the perfect way to do so.

Start A Yearly Birthday Cake Tradition
Peter Meciar

The best part of the birthday — whether you're six years old or 26 — is always the cake. Make it a yearly tradition to bake the best cake you can with your niece for her special day. Spend a few minutes making the game plan. From confetti to double chocolate chip, let your niece decide on the flavor, then go wild with toppings and decorations.

If you're not much of a baker, that's no problem. Instead, have her tag along with you to find the prettiest birthday cupcakes in town, and have them wrapped in a beautiful box — just for her.

Take Her To The Salon For A Mini Makeover
Saptak Ganguly

Maybe you got lucky and you're able to spend a few hours with the birthday girl. Make it awesome and take her to the salon with you. You know you've been meaning to get a trim for weeks, and she'll never forget this exciting mini makeover.

Whether she gets a braided up-do fit for a queen, or has her toes painted hot pink to match yours, she'll be so happy. Don't forget to take a picture together at the end. She's going to want to remember this forever.

Find The Perfect Party Outfit Together
Irina Efremova

Kids and their birthday parties. Let me tell you, a little kid's birthday party is a major deal. Your niece is going to be a ball of excitement, and you coming over to take her shopping for the perfect birthday outfit is the cherry on top of her special day.

Make sure to hit up her favorite store and let her spend time deliberating on the best outfit fit for the occasion. Don't forget to let the sales rep know it's her big day, too. Kids stores always have something up their sleeve for the birthday kids.

Take Her To See The Newest Kids' Movie
Jovo Jovanovic

It sounds silly, but remember this: She'll always remember who she went with to see what Disney or Pixar movie for the very first time. Maybe you took her to see Moana last time. Each time she watches that movie, she'll remember the day you two shared together, with an XL bag of buttery popcorn.

If you really want to be the best aunt ever? Take her to the latest showing (if it's alright with Mom and Dad, of course), and then go out for some ice cream. She'll be talking about it all night long.

Go To Her Favorite Restaurant And Let Her Order Dessert

It's her birthday, so spoiling her is definitely not off-limits. Take her to her favorite restaurant, even if it's IHOP. She's the birthday princess, so she gets to pick. Split the dessert of her choice, and don't forget the candles to top and some festive birthday hats!