6 Times You Got Into Trouble With Your Sis As Kids That You Still LOL About

by Tessa Harvey

Growing up, my sister and I were rarely friends. We were pretty much always fighting about something, whether that was who got to sit where in the family van, who got to stay up later, or who claimed dibs over the TV remote. Looking back, most of our childhood was spent bickering rather than playing on the same team. On the rare occasion that we did team up, it made for some pretty hilarious and memorable stories, especially the times you got into trouble with your sister.

You know exactly what I'm referring to -- when you planned the ultimate pranks with your sister. You executed a plan you thought would run super smoothly, and then everything went so downhill, real fast. It was hilarious then, even if you did end up getting in trouble for it, but it's even more hilarious now (like literally, on the ground laughing, funny). These are the memories you'll look back on for the rest of your life.

If you were a trouble maker, you know you got into trouble a million times as a kid. One of these six things might just ring a bell from your days causing mischief with your sis.

When You Snuck A Few Extra Cookies From Grandma

Grandmas are seriously the best, and they have so much patience putting up with you and your sis when you were kids. Most of the time, you thought you could get away with pretty much anything. After all, you were her favorites.

There was that one time when you pushed your luck just a little too far and snuck some extra cookies before dinner. OOPS.

When Your Afternoon Bike Ride Took You Out Of Your Neighborhood Limit

Did anyone else have a specific limit to how far you and your sister were allowed to ride your bikes? I can remember my mom clearly mapping out how far we could ride our bikes, and she was always very clear about one thing: we weren't supposed to go past the yellow fire hydrant. We always went past it, of course, until the day we got caught. What a day that was.

Stealing Each Other's Toys

This was never a team effort, so that's probably where it all went wrong. Sometimes, you just needed more characters in your imaginative play, and your sister's were the only option! Unfortunately, she didn't see it that way. Looking back now, it's hilarious, because you both know they're only toys... but back then, it was a major deal and ended in a screaming match.

Sneaking Into Each Other's Rooms Past Bedtime

The illegal sneak was one of the best things my sister and I ever did, and we had it down to a science. We'd pretend to sleep until our parents went to bed, waited a few minutes, and the sneaker would meet her sister in the hallway. We honestly thought we were so flippin' cool.

If you and your sis have done this and were caught almost every time, you know it was still worth the try. You missed hanging out with your partner in crime, even if she was only a room away. It got so bad for me and my sis that our parents caved and let us share a room. We still laugh about it to this day.

When You Tried To Put Your Favorite Foods Into The Cart While Grocery Shopping

Planning this was equivalent to planning a high-risk spy mission, in our minds. We never got away with sticking the sugary cereal or double chocolate fudge brownies into the cart for long, but planning our sneaks was the best part. Now, I feel bad for all of the moms dealing with their kids throwing extra food into their cart the whole trip... but it's still hilarious.

When You Were Obnoxious AF At The Dinner Table

I don't know what it is about the dinner table, but it always makes kids want to goof off. It was always something: flicking a pea into your sister's hair, kicking her under the table, or subtly sliding your uneaten veggies onto her plate. And Mom and Dad did not stand for it — we got grounded more times than I can even count.