6 Thanksgiving Eve Party Ideas For Getting Turkey Basted With Your Crew

Many of us who are 21 and up know that the only thing better than an actual holiday party is the pregame with your besties. It's like a warm-up to the real thing. Thanksgiving is no stranger to throwing a pregame the day before with all of your friends. Playing around with Thanksgiving Eve party ideas now will save you the headache and time in a couple of weeks.

Thanksgiving Eve parties are a relaxed time where there isn't pressure to list all of your accomplishments to relatives that you only see once a year. It's a safe space for you and your friends to catch up, eat great food, and talk about how much more delicious stuff you're going to eat the next day. Back to that relaxing part, though... it also has to be entertaining.

You have a lot more wiggle room with a Thanksgiving Eve party, because it's a little less formal. It's still something worth attending or hosting, and you can be a lot more creative with activities, food, and decor for your guests. I mean, who doesn't like going ham for the holidays? Or is it going turkey because of Thanksgiving? Sorry, I'm a comedian impersonator. Nonetheless, if you've hit a wall deciding what sort of theme you want to explore for your Thanksgiving Eve party, look no further.

A Murder Mystery Theme
BP Productions on Twitter

Murder mysteries are so much fun. This theme will keep everyone on their toes and it's sure to keep their attention until someone can crack the case. Yeah, it has some gore, but clearly we still aren't over the passing of Halloween. Get some major Clue feels at your party this year and have people searching for the lead pipe and candlestick.

A Game Night Theme
Chris Reimer on Twitter

Board games are seriously the bomb, no matter how old you get. In fact, if you make it like a potluck for board games, everyone is bound to bring something different and you'll have a variety of fun options to choose from.

Every year new and more challenging games come out. They're perfect for large groups and bring back all of the childhood feels. Set up a few tables, or make room on the floor for a Twister competition.

A Tailgate Theme
Amanda on Twitter

OK, maybe the football games won't be happening until that Thursday, but that doesn't mean you can't host a party like a good ole tailgate. Have everyone wear their favorite team's jersey, and you better stack up on the red Solo cups. You may not be able to barbecue, but explore different dip options in the crockpot.

A Karaoke Theme
TAZ Entertainment on Twitter

Karaoke is appropriate for any function where you want to get people on their feet and out of their comfort zones. Sing the 90s classics, or take a whack at the pop music that's out today. Regardless, it'll be so entertaining watching people get super into singing their favorite tunes. Is there even such a thing as a dull moment when it comes to karaoke? People definitely tend to get into character during karaoke. Seriously, it's almost The Voice status.

Attend A Bar Crawl As A Group
Joshua Kohlerhoff on Twitter

Get your turkey trot on and visit numerous bars with your group of friends. Normally, there are pretty good deals the night before Thanksgiving. You can all Uber on over to a new area, or stay within your city. Either way, ring in the Thanksgiving holiday with celebratory cheers... or maybe a couple more than that. It'll be a great time to roll deep with your crew, reunite with people in your hometown, and mingle with new people as well.

Make the most out of your Thanksgiving Eve party by celebrating with people you care about. They may be getting stuffed the next day, but you'll certainly be filling them with unforgettable memories the night before.