6 Fun Ways To Have A Dry Super Bowl Party With Your Crew

The Super Bowl is almost here. Whether or not you actually care who wins, you most likely really care about using the day as an excuse to party it up with your favorite peeps. From the themed snacks to the high spirits, everyone loves a good Super Bowl party. Of course, you don't even need to spend the day drinking. All you need is your friends, the game, and some really great food. As a matter of fact, there are a ton of Super Bowl party ideas if you don't drink that you can do instead.

I've been to so many Super Bowl parties that are one in the same. You have the game on with a spread of yummy snacks and some beers. It's a pretty standard party, and nothing super memorable. Your party doesn't have to be like another chill night hanging in with the squad. Make it stand out like that one commercial we'll all be talking about the next day.

I'm not much of a drinker, so I would love to attend a Super Bowl party that puts an emphasis on anything other than the drinks. Plus, if you're the host, not having alcohol saves you a ton on your party budget. Use that extra money on something more exciting, like any of these Super Bowl party ideas.

Dress Up For The Halftime Show
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If you're not much of a football person or none of the teams you're rooting for are in the Super Bowl this year, you're probably like me and only care about the commercials and halftime show. I mean, who isn't excited for some Justin Timberlake? You and your friends can get into the #SexyBack mood by dressing up for the halftime show.

Either make the dress code a J.T. theme that ranges all the way to his *NSYNC days, or make it an early '00s-themed dress up party. Dance around to all of your favorites like "Cry Me A River" and "It's Gonna Be Me" while waiting for him to take the stage.

Tailgate In Your Backyard With Mocktails
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Swap out the beer for some fun mocktails. Take your party outside to your backyard, if you have one, for a tailgate with a BBQ and some perfectly-crafted non-alcoholic drinks.

Don't forget to give your mocktails some punny names based on the teams playing, because that's the best part! How about a Philadelphia L-Eagle Mojito, anyone?

Stay At A Cool Airbnb Or Resort

Use that money that you're saving on alcohol to host your Super Bowl Party at a cool venue. Search for some either football-themed or super cool places on Airbnb that have a pool table, a big backyard, and a large TV to watch the big game. You can also stay at a sports-themed resort like the All-Stars Sports Resort at Walt Disney World.

Ditch The Alcohol Bar For A Food Bar
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Seriously though, how perfect would a baked potato bar be for your Super Bowl party? As your guests go down the line, they'll be able to customize their baked potato with whatever their hearts desire, from bacon bits to sour cream.

Don't just stop at a baked potato, either. You can have a candy bar, donut bar, nacho bar, slider bar, or even a popcorn bar where your guests can add their own seasoning and other yummy toppings.

Take The Party To A Park

An outdoor Super Bowl party can be just as fun as anything. You and your friends can play your own game of football before the big game starts. Then, gather some super comfy blankets, make a picnic, and project the game on a screen for an outdoor viewing.

Play Football Bingo
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Games are always a fun way to spice up your party. Print out some football bingo cards for each one of your friends to play while watching the game. It can be a general football theme, or it can revolve around Justin Timberlake in honor of his halftime performance.