6 Sweet Stories About Workplace Romances, Because They Aren’t All Doomed From The Start

It's no secret that dating a coworker can lead to some unpleasant drama, and the truth is that more often than not, it's better to avoid getting involved with someone you work with. However, no matter how many stories we've heard about these types of romances going south at the speed of light, for a lucky few, things do in fact work out. Stories about workplace romances that don't crash and burn are important to acknowledge, because passing on love (or the potential for it) just because you work together could be something you regret later on down the line.

Needless to say, whether or not to dive into a relationship with someone you work with can be a tough decision, but if you've already taken the plunge and things are going well (and you've already informed HR), then there's no reason to sabotage a good thing. We all know that the majority of rules were established based on how things turn out most of the time, so naturally, there are always exceptions to those rules. If for some reason you're still feeling like things between you and your work bae are destined to fail, behold: some examples of workplace romances that will give you hope for the future, thanks to the fine people on Reddit.

Sometimes you work together for awhile before acknowledging your true feelings.
We worked together for a year and a half before we both got our sh*t together and admitted that we had a huge crush on one another. We've been dating for six months and I can't even explain how happy I am... we've both quit that job, so it's not a co-worker romance anymore, but it's still very awesome.


Or you meet at work, but decide to wait before pursuing the relationship.
Yes. Well. Dream come true. We were camp counselors at our college's summer camp program. We only worked one week for the same camp, but we hit it off well. We spent some time together as friends for the rest of the summer (we both had an SO). Just over a month into the fall semester we both broke up with said SOs and started "seeing each other" since we didn't want to be official too quickly. That was just under two years ago and I'm in the process of ring shopping right now.


Sometimes you just know.
We're engaged.
She's training for the Air Force and has PT in the morning and I'm back at home. We'll probably be married after she becomes operational.
We met because she took on a temporary job as a Summer Leader at the recreation center I work at. She said the first day she saw me that she immediately thought I was "sexy" and then day after day just fell for me more and more. I was talking to a different girl at the time and that ended poorly. My fiance called me after she went home one afternoon and asked me for my number and it has been nothing but awesome from then on.


It's OK to keep it on the DL.
Met my husband-to-be at work... He was due to leave when I became 'available' so said he wanted to wait until he'd left to stay going out. Glad we did wait, I was the gossip of the store for a long while. Great guy though, glad we stumbled upon each other :)


They might end up being the love of your life.
I was the assistant manager at a movie theatre. She was an usher. We were both in college. Dated for five years. Have been married for two. Love of my life. Best friend. Greatest person I have ever met. Cannot imagine how my life would be if I had never applied to work at the theatre.


Honestly, having a work bae is fun!
It's kind of backwards but we were dating before we started working together. It's been fantastic so far. Whenever I'm scheduled for overnights (which is his usual shift) we're very professional and the managers we work with always compliment how well we work together and that if they didn't know we were dating they would have no clue. We['re] very similar and can make each other and our coworkers laugh and feel at ease and it's just an all around good time. I love him so much. (:


See? Dating someone you work with doesn't always turn out terribly. If you've made a connection with a co-worker that feels strong enough to pursue, it could be that they feel the same way, but be sure the interest is mutual before crossing the line of professionalism. It might also be a good idea to talk about how you'd deal with things at work if you were to break up before you start cozying up.

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