6 Spring Dates That You Can Do Now That The Weather Is Finally Warming Up

by Annie Foskett

If I can anthropomorphize weather for a sec, I think we humans are guilty of using and abusing it. Let me have this for a moment: we love complaining about the very slightest change in it, we only talk about it to others when we are bored and conversation is lacking, and we never remember to appreciate it when it's behavior is stellar. We bully weather. But we shouldn't, because the weather is finally warming up, which means it's time for spring date ideas! Woohoo.

First I'll admit that I'm guilty of bullying the weather myself — after a lovely almost-60 degree Sunday in New York on which I enjoyed a lovely stroll outside, a Monday snowstorm (in April) had me shouting: BETRAYAL! There is something about the warmer weather that improves my mood, makes me more productive, and encourages me to put myself out there in order to find a cutie to enjoy the outdoors with.

A caveat: you absolutely don't need a cutie to enjoy the outdoors with, and being single in the spring should be equally as sweet as being in love. It's strange — I don't know why the change in seasons from winter to spring always makes me want to fall in love, but it does. Does pollen case some sort of fog-like love spell? Does my post-Easter candy sugar high make me prone to being sweet to others? If the warmer weather has you breaking out the apps and winking at all of the strangers in the park (why not!) then here are some spring date ideas that you and your (potential) bae can enjoy.

Find Some Nature And Stare At It

From orchid shows at the botanical garden to streets lined with cherry blossoms to that random assortment of tulips that popped up in your local park — spring is a great time to go look at pretty things. Sounds like a lame date idea? It won't be if you grab a drink beforehand! In all seriousness, we look at our Instagram feeds so often now that flowers IRL are actually that much more beautiful and intriguing to look at. Plus, walking is always a little bit romantic and is less stressful than staring at someone's face across a table while thinking of questions to ask them.

Get Your Body On A Boat

Your Tinder date does not need to own a sailboat and offer to take you out on it for a first date — and hopefully he doesn't, because being at sea with a stranger seems a bit murder-y. But there are ways to get on bodies of water that are far less fancy. Maybe your city has an awesome ship docked exclusively for eating and drinking that you can meet at, or maybe you find a lake and go kayaking together (as long as there are other people around!). There's something soothing and exciting about being on or near water, and hey, even if the date goes terribly, you'll be on a boat!

Go Fly A Kite

That's right, I just told you to go fly a kite. It's nostalgic, fun, and actually somewhat challenging. If you have a park and a decent amount of wind, you and your date should go try to fly a kite. It might be a total failure, but it will also be hilarious. And hey, you can always go get dinner afterwards.

Do A Mini Bar Or Food Crawl

I'm a simple soul. Well, at least when it comes to dates. I love eating and drinking at new places more than going on epic, cultural dates to the ballet, or to a museum. (I wish I were that sophisticated, I'm just not.) Some of my best weekend days in New York have involved having a small amount of food or one beverage at a bunch of different places all around Brooklyn or Manhattan.

You could start at that outdoor tiki spot, then head to indulge in some fried chicken at your new neighborhood joint, and then wander to an outdoor beer garden. There's nothing like a day of eating and drinking outside to make you feel like you're on a staycation — IMO, the best kind of date.

Watch A Movie Outside

I know that as a spoiled person who lives in New York, my opportunities for outdoor movies are extensive, but I do sense that spring/summer movie screenings in parks and on rooftops are gaining more popularity across the country. And if you or your cutie has a projector (or even just a laptop)? Set up your own outdoor movie (or TV binge watch) in a backyard or on a balcony. Being outside makes a movie feel so much more romantic.

Go Get Ice Cream

This is for those of you of you with a sweet tooth: how PERFECT is ice cream?! Especially when you get it from an actually ice cream shop in a cone, and maybe even add sprinkles. (Here's to looking at you, Ample Hills Creamery!) I also think getting ice cream in the spring, before it's August and you're tired of it, is the perfect treat for making it through the winter.

As with flying a kite, there is something undeniably sweet and innocent — and subsequently, nostalgic — about going to get an ice cream cone. Sitting down with your date and two cones is far more romantic than sitting down with two martinis. (Though I enjoy both, and boozy milkshakes exist...)