6 Signs Your Partner Is Going To Be Your Bestie For Life, Because They Truly Get You

My partner is totally my best friend. Is that corny to admit? Well, regardless, it's true. There is no one I'm closer to than my SO. We've been through a lot together. We've had amazing adventures and weathered some incredibly painful experiences, but we got through it all because we both love and genuinely like each other. It's the best of both worlds, and now that I've experienced it I'd never settle for less — and neither should you. Fortunately, there are plenty of signs your partner will be your best friend forever, and they're pretty easy to spot if you're looking for them.

It's all about how you treat each other and how you feel when you're together. Can you imagine a version of your life without them, or does every possible future feature them in some role? Do you feel like you're free to fully be yourself, or do you feel like there are parts of you that are better to hold back when your SO is around? If it's the former, then you're probably on your way to becoming best friends and lovers. Here's how to know for sure if your boo is also your bestie for life.

You Trust Them With All Of Your Secrets

One of the signs of a best friend is that you can trust them to be the vault of all your secrets — to hold them without judgment to the grave. If you feel totally safe telling your partner anything and know without a doubt that they will keep that confidence — and you really just want to share it all with only them — that’s a sign you’ve got a partner who is also your best friend.

You’d Rather Hang Out With Them Than With Anyone Else

During the honeymoon phase, it can feel almost impossible to get a couple to spend time apart. But what happens when you finally, naturally escape from that initial love cocoon? Are you relieved to finally get some time with your friend, or have you discovered that the person you really, genuinely want to spend your time with and have all your experiences with is your partner? Not because of that new relationship energy, but because you really like just spending time with them. If a weekend in pajamas marathoning Netflix really is better than hitting the club with your girls, then your partner has moved to the top of your friends list.

You Can Totally Be Yourself Around Thems

One of the best things about having a BFF is that you feel free and safe to be totally yourself around them. If you feel like you're free to be you — even your most gross you — around your partner, that’s a good sign that you have the kind of bond and intimacy that only best friends have. So next time they fart around you, say, “Thank you for trusting our love and friendship enough to be disgusting in my presence.” OK, maybe that's going too far. Just realize it means y’all are besties.

You Talk About All The Big Things

Your partner is your best friend if they are the person you know you can turn to when the big things in life happen — good and bad. They are the one you know you can trust to give you advice, cheer you on, or offer that shoulder to cry on, no questions asked.

You Talk About All The Small Things, Too

They are also the person you can turn to to let out all the small daily things that bother you on the reg. Not only do they let you vent about your daily frustrations, but they pay attention and remember. And more importantly, they invest in your struggles. They follow up and ask you what happened. They make sure you're OK. They care.

You Know That No Matter What Happens In The Relationship, They'll Be In Your Life Forever

If you broke up tomorrow, would they be gone forever? Or in your heart, do you know that no matter what happens, this person will always be a major part of your life? If the bond you share could survive a breakup, then you definitely have a partner who will be your best friend for life.

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