6 Signs Your Partner Isn't "The One," Even Though You Want Them To Be


The way we've all traditionally been taught — at least through rom-coms and books — about how romance works out is that you meet your partner. and you just instantly know they're "the one." (LOL, OK.) Then, you fall in love and spend the rest of your lives together, happy and free of any problems. Sounds great and totally attainable, right?

Anyone who's ever existed as a real adult in the real world knows figuring out if someone is "the one" isn't always so easy. In fact, sometimes, you might even find out that the person you thought was your one isn't all they're cracked up to be. To clarify things a little more, here are some signs your partner isn't "the one," straight from ladies on a recent Reddit thread, who know what realizing this feels like from firsthand experience.

You can't see each other together in the long run.


Your want different things in life.


You go through more than just a rough patch.


You're only together because it's comfortable.


You're only staying together to appease their feelings.


You dream of being with other people.


Here's the thing, you guys. Even if the person you're currently with isn't necessarily "the one," the important thing is that they're making you happy right now. Maybe you're not even sure if they're the one yet! That's fine. You'll figure it all out eventually in your own time.

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