You Can Do These 6 Side Hustles Straight From Your Bed, So You Never Have To Put On Pants

Getting to lounge in bed all day long is pretty much the definition of luxury, in my opinion. You have everything you really need: soft sheets, a warm comforter, and the most relaxing atmosphere you could ask for. Of course, having a soothing bedroom requires paying rent, so you might feel compelled to leave your bed to, you know, make a living. Well, burrow a little further under your covers, because there are side hustles you can do from bed, and they'll make your dream of never putting on pants a reality.

The extra good news is that you can commit to these opportunities as much or as little as you like, and it doesn't even have to be a regular thing, if you don't want it to be. Since you aren't locked into a job contract or a set-in-stone schedule, you can pick up tasks whenever you feel like it. If you're saving for a trip abroad, spend a couple of nights a week completing copyedit jobs, for example, and you'll have some extra gelato money.

Of course, starting up a side hustle doesn't always have to be just about the money, although getting paid is obviously pretty important. If you're looking to break into a new field, starting off with a side gig might be the perfect way to test the waters and build up your resume before committing full-time. If you've always dreamed of being a freelance writer who could also spend all day every day in bed with her dog, get your toes wet by pitching a few awesome ideas, and who knows — your dream might just come true.

Copyedit Documents

For those days when the punctuation and grammar errors on Twitter are just driving you bananas, Upwork is a great website that can connect you with a variety of copyediting tasks you can pick up for some extra spending money. While signing up to become a freelancer on the site is free, Upwork does take a percentage of your earnings, but the more jobs you do, the more money there is to go straight to your bank account.

Create Educational Videos

Are you an expert in Native American history or a drawing pro? Become an online teacher through Teachable, and share your knowledge with students all over the world. To create your own "school" and start enrolling online learners, you can join for $29 a month. Teachable helps you build a website and upload multimedia materials, and secures payment processing so that you can get that bread, all while snacking on a literal piece of bread from your bed.

Transcribe Audio Files

Have you finally mastered the art of typing super quickly without even having to watch your hands? If you have access to internet and a computer, you can make $15 to $22 per audio hour by transcribing audio clips through TranscribeMe. You don't need to have specialized training or pay to join the platform, so you can start raking in that cash money ASAP.

Become A Virtual Assistant

You may have heard of TaskRabbit because of its ability to connect people who need help with chores with those who are looking to make some extra money, but what you might not realize is that there are virtual opportunities on the website as well. Put your vacation-planning skills to work, for example, and you might end up with some extra spending money for your own vacation.

Manage A Social Media Account

Are you killing the IG game, or taking over Twitter with your original jokes? Apply to manage a small company's social media account part-time. While most larger companies have full-time social staff, startups or small business often look for remote employees on LinkedIn. Just be sure to apply the "remote" filter as you look for opportunities, and prepare to turn your bed into the coziest office you could dream of.

Start Freelance Writing

If you've got killer journalism skills and/or really clever ideas, start pitching editors of magazines and websites you love and build up a freelancing portfolio. The Writers of Color Twitter account does a great job of retweeting editors who put out calls for pitches, or you can take a moment to follow section editors at your favorite publications directly. Once your pitch gets accepted, you can conduct phone interviews, write great stories, and conduct edits straight from your bed. Plus, once you get your foot in the door with your first piece, you can turn that relationship into future opportunities.