6 Screenshots Of Romantic Texts That'll Make Your Heart Melt

by Ginny Hogan
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Summer is here, which means the ice cream is melting out of the cone (I mean, I don't personally let an ice cream live longer than five seconds in the wild, but I've heard ice cream can melt). However, sugary delights aren't the only thing melting this season — your heart might be, too. And just to make sure of that, I collected screenshots of romantic texts that are more adorable than a baby panda. After all, Hollywood isn't churning out rom-coms the way they used to, so people in need of their romantic fix are looking elsewhere.

I'm a huge sucker for any type of romantic content. In fact, I prefer Valentine's Day when I'm single because I don't have to worry about celebrating with a partner — I can just watch Kate Hudson movies with my girlfriends (plus, they all clean up after themselves — I happen to date men). If you're anything like me, you also love to see the type of text that makes you say, "awww" loudly, even when no one's around. And — fear not — I have found these texts for you.

Read on to find six screenshots of romantic texts that will make your heart melt.

The Changed Man

— Lilian, 27

With a vocabulary like that, who could disavow them!

The History Buff

— Trina, 23

As I've always said, the freemium relationship model is ricky.

The Charmer

— Alex, 23

What an amazing use of text reactions.

Meeting The Friends

— Hannah, 25

Nerves are adorable!

Great Appreciation

— Kelsey, 23

It's so lovely to be valued not only for what you do for the other person, but also for what you do for the world.

Reaching Out

— Sarah, 24

An offer for open communication — what a beautiful thing.

As the screenshots above show, love really is all around (plus, the narrator said it in Love Actually, so it must be true). If your heart melted when you read any of the texts above, you and I are kindred spirits. In fact, maybe you should come over with some chocolates and watch 500 Days of Summer with me! It'd be a heart-melting time, much like these screenshots. Either way, enjoy the summer and the romance — it's beautiful!

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