If You're Freaked Out By "Dear David," These Wild Stories Will Make You Scream

All it takes is a little boy named David to completely stop the internet in its tracks. But he certainly isn't like ordinary children — just ask Adam Ellis, the BuzzFeed artist who claims David's malicious spirit haunts his Manhattan apartment. Ellis cannot always provide the spooks we've come to crave in our newsfeeds, so these scary ghost stories like "Dear David" are great alternatives.

Just in case you aren't familiar with the viral paranormal sensation, let's get you up to speed. A young boy named David with a disfigured head appeared to Ellis in a nightmare one evening, but it wasn't before long that the nightmare morphed into reality. Soon, the artist and author felt as though he was "paralyzed by fear," and one encounter quickly followed another. David allegedly moves objects in the apartment, appears in Ellis' photographs, and leaves his belongings behind (which Ellis documents on Twitter). It's certainly an interesting experience, and each social media update leaves fans curious about what's going to happen next.

Though some people cannot turn away from the paranormal sensation, others are beginning to question David's authenticity. Regardless, those on social media have become accustomed to a Halloween state of mind thanks to "Dear David." Since there is only so much Ellis can post — and so much we can expect from one alleged spirit — we have to find other means in order to get those thrills and chills... like these scary stories.

1. Christmas Gone Wrong

Pinterest isn't just a place for crafts — it's a paranormal powerhouse, which this holiday horror story suggests. One of my favorite ghost encounters that I discovered on the social media site — an interesting take on the holidays if ever there was one — discusses how one child was transfixed by a red light in his home. After heading downstairs to check them out (assuming it was Santa unloading presents), the little boy was instructed by a deep, unfamiliar voice to go back upstairs. A huge crash ultimately sent him flying into his mother's room. The next day, he and his family discovered the poinsettia Christmas lights were torn off the banister and a dry sink in the living room was ripped down. It wasn't a home invasion, but it was certainly something.

This story, which was originally featured on The Huffington Post, is one of 12 vignettes to make the rounds on Pinterest quite often (regardless of the time of year). Since I follow topics such as "Ghost Hunting," "Ghost Stories," my page is some sort of combination of décor DIY projects and ghosts caught on camera. This holiday from hell never seems to leave my feed.

2. The Tennessee Town Mystery

I love a good recap of the news while I'm on the subway, but sometimes a scary podcast is in order (even though some might argue that the news is just as horrifying as a ghost story). Limetown is the way to go. The fictional spooky story follows American Public Radio reporter, Lia Haddock, who wonders what exactly happened to the people who vanished from the small Tennessee town without a trace... or an explanation. What happens when she tries to uncover the truth?

3. The Assignment From Hell

The Black Tapes is another podcast goodie (and also follows a journalist). The serialized docudrama focuses on a reporter haunted by the literal and figurative spirits she's encountered through one of her sources. Some assignments just aren't worth taking, right?

4. Sarah Winchester's Home

IT made a huge splash this fall, and since then, everyone has been craving something scary. Be on the lookout for Winchester, the 2018 film (starring the lovely Helen Mirren) that chronicles the life of Sarah Winchester. Though Winchester had a mansion built with 200 rooms, 2,000 doors, trap doors, and spy holes, the gun empire heiress couldn't escape the spirits that haunt her. What is more confusing than the house's layout is how exactly all of these mysterious happenings continue.

5. The holiday Scare

Christmas ghost stories have (naturally) been a go-to as of late, just look at Reddit if you're not convinced. Follow the "Paranormal" thread and you'll discover some (alleged) real-life hauntings that are updated on a daily basis, like this Christmas tale submitted by the user radioflea. It was certainly spooky... but in a less threatening way.

The user described lights going on randomly in his or her home before feeling an entity try to embrace him or her. Imagine heading to bed when your lamps mysteriously decided to have a mind of their own... before something tries to touch you. It's eerie, but the writer described it as a connection to loved ones who aren't around for the holidays, so it adds a whole different level to an otherwise creepy encounter.

6. Head Full of Ghosts

Head Full of Ghosts, $10, Amazon

Of course, books were the OG way to access a scary story, and Head Full of Ghosts must go on your to-be-read list. Don't crack this open before calling it quits for the day (unless you enjoy sleeping with the lights on). A new take on The Exorcist, Paul Tremblay's Bram Stoker award-winning novel follows a family as its daughter succumbs to demonic possession. When the Barrett's daughter is documented for the world to see through a reality show, terror unfolds... and comes back years later when a writer interviews the girl's younger sister.

When all else fails, know your sources. It's only appropriate that there is a website dedicated to all-things creepy and kooky. Paranormal Warehouse features stories, live streams, and real footage that'll definitely make you do a double take, so read at your own risk.

No matter where the spooky story comes from, nightmares are guaranteed. Move over David, you've got some competition.

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