This New "Dear David" Thread Shows A Terrifying Video That'll Leave You Shook

While most of us are gearing up for Christmas, New York City-based artist Adam Ellis seems to be permanently stuck in a real-life horror movie set — and it certainly makes Halloween flicks seem tame. As a result of the inexplainable activity in Ellis' apartment, he has gifted Twitter with a spooky social media story... but he's been gifted with a paranormal predicament that won't quit. There's a video in a new "Dear David" thread that shows what's probably the spookiest phenomenon yet.

For those unfamiliar with Ellis' apartment woes, let's get you up to speed. A young boy name David with a disfigured head — who had been hurt in an accident — appeared to him in a dream one night, but the nightmare quickly became a reality. Soon, the young boy would show up in the artist's apartment, sitting in his bedroom chair, moving objects across the coffee table. The footage Ellis has managed to capture definitely guarantees a night with the lights on.

When he returned home to New York after Thanksgiving, Ellis was treated to another spooky event — perhaps the most puzzling one of all. He woke up one night to the sound of a large bang, almost as if a bowling ball has been dropped on the floor. He is no stranger to loud noises coming from the ceiling, but this particular incident was too difficult to disregard, especially considering it had occurred about 15 times (and you thought your roommate was loud).

Things took a strange turn when Ellis left to grab his Saturday morning bagel the next day. As he was walking down the stairs, he began to hear crunching under his feet. A pile of debris under the ceiling where the suspicious activity had taken place was visible, so something definitely had to be up there.

Like any tenant would do, Ellis decided it was a good idea to investigate. Personally, I wouldn't attempt anything alone, but I guess he had enough. Taking a pole to the ceiling, Ellis poked around a few seconds before something dropped to the ground. Fortunately for us, it's all caught on video.

So, what exactly was that tiny black object? After dodging away from the ceiling, Ellis soon discover a shoe had fallen. OK, that's fine, right? Wrong — very, very wrong. Look at this shoe and try to convince yourself it doesn't belong to a little boy.

Like any terrified tenant would do, Ellis opted to get his landlord involved in the issue. However, they weren't the results he was expecting. Ellis wrote on Twitter,

A few hours later my landlord was on a ladder, shining a flashlight into the crawlspace, I stared up at him, half expecting something to grab him and yank him into the darkness. He angled his flashlight all around and finally saying, "There's nothing up here."

It turns out, there was something up there... a little something. The landlord then found a tiny marble — one that looked as though it was slightly dented — and gave it to Ellis. Could that possibly belong to David? I don't know how it couldn't.

This little boy — rather little spirit — is definitely determined to make his presence known. For those who are convinced about this fella, Ellis shows just how David affects his everyday life. Even after moving into a different apartment — one that was upstairs from his original paranormal hotbed — he experienced odd activity, like this odd slew of phone calls.

We can't forget about that chair rocking on its own...

... and we certainly can't forget about this photo.

Can't quite figure it out? Here's what the picture looked like when one Twitter user brightened it.

That certainly looks like the David we've been hearing about, doesn't it?

One thing's for certain: This is one busy apartment. To see what type of activity strike Ellis' home next, visit him on Twitter @moby_dickhead. Guess we'll be seeing you soon, David.

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