If Your Period Just Makes You Go "Ugh," These 6 Podcasts Will Change Your Perspective

by Julia Guerra

The day I got my period was quite a moment to remember, and not just because I was wearing a red tracksuit (ah, the symbolism). No, I’ll always look back on that day and, instead, remember how my mother announced the news to my father with pride. To some of you, that might sound cheesy and incredibly embarrassing, but that was my mom’s way of teaching me that periods aren't something to whisper about; they're something to be open about. I guess that’s why I love listening to podcasts about periods; they’re the perfect place for anyone who's ever had a period to turn to as a friendly reminder that they’re not alone in whatever menstruation throws at them, and that, above all, you can be loud and proud about bleeding. It is what your uterus was made to do, after all.

Listen, I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m menstruation’s number one fan, because I'm definitely not. While I may not be waving a red foam finger in celebration every time Mother Nature runs her course, though, I do wholeheartedly appreciate the female anatomy. I find it fascinating, not to mention pretty badass, that anyone with a uterus can endure borderline debilitating cramps, unyielding cravings for the most perplexing food pairings (pickles and scrambled eggs, anyone?), back aches, headaches, all while bleeding out of their vaginas, and still conquer their day’s to-do list. It’s simultaneously fabulous, and unfortunate, and personally, I think it’s something worth talking about. Evidently, so do a select few podcast hosts.

Of course, if you aren't comfortable bringing up your period to your friends and family, I totally get it. Menstruation is an incredibly intimate experience, and not everyone loves chatting about how heavy their flow was this month. But even though talking about your period might not be something you're into, hearing other people discuss their experiences might be, because then at least you'll know you aren't alone in what you're going through.

Here are six of the best podcasts about periods to tune into when your time of the month takes over.

'Call Your Girlfriend'
callyrgf on Twitter

The Call Your Girlfriend podcast, nicknamed CYG, has taken digital radio by storm. In favor of feminism and the power of femme individuals and friendships, CYG is essentially a recording of a phone conversation between hosts Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, who talk about anything and everything from menstruation, to the power of your pelvis, to sex. It's a thought-provoking program you'll definitely want to tune into for out-of-the-tampon-box conversation.

periodpodcast2 on Twitter

From a young age, at least in my experience, periods are typically discussed only on a need-to-know basis. As an introduction, you might've been taught that a period is when a woman, or anyone with a uterus, bleeds, symbolizing that their body is capable of having a baby. As time goes on, you start picking up on the fact that periods aren't just blood; they're cramps, headaches, fatigue, etc.

There's so much more to menstruation than bleeding, and that's what Katey Clancy, an anthropologist and scientist specializing in periods, aims to get across in her podcast. The Period podcast addresses a range of topics, from the pelvic floor, to how to nourish your period, polycystic ovary syndrome, and how to use a tampon. The first two seasons are available for streaming in full.

'Vicious Cycle'

Fascinating as they may be, periods are still periods, and anyone who has ever endured it knows menstruation isn't always easy. Between the physical strains, the mood swings, and needing to inhale anything and everything chocolate, periods are the frenemy you never asked for.

Ergo, when times get rough, the hilarious ladies of Vicious Cycle are here to help you cope through it. The podcast is hosted by comedians Kate Elston, Meghann Hayes, and Meg Trowbridge, and according to their podcast's description, "whether you have a period, had a period, will have a period, or love someone with a period, this podcast is for you." Segments include "What's Up With Menstrual Cups?" and "Bleeding While Trans," so if you're looking to tune into something entertaining, yet still raw at its core, look no further.

'The Flow Down'
flowdownpod on Instagram

I'm a sucker for a catchy play on words, and if you, like me, think the title of this podcast sounds awesome, give the one-minute introduction soundbite a listen. I guarantee you'll be hooked.

The Flow Down hostesses — women's health coach, Stefanie Kleinburd, and journalist, Jessica Weiss — are breaking down, and through, the stigmas surrounding periods with their epic bi-weekly program, which tackles any and all subjects having to do with menstruation. From navigating self-care on your period, to getting a handle on those unnerving period cravings, and chatting with a few special guests in between, The Flow Down is fun, yet informative.

'The Heavy Flow'
amandalaird on Twitter

Not only are periods not taboo, periods are also not exclusively a female thing. What I personally find captivating about Amanda Laird's The Heavy Flow podcast is that she talks to women, to men, to transgender people, all about how menstruation affects them. Topics range from bleeding, to blood clots, to menstrual health, and menstrual equity. Curious? You should be.

'2 Dope Queens'
2dopequeens on Twitter

You may have seen 2 Dope Queens' Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams doing standup on HBO, but these ladies don't joke about periods (well, maybe a little bit). This podcast in particular explores a wide variety of topics, but rest assured that when it comes to menstruation, things get real and raw, real quick. Sitting down with guests to talk about everything from teethed vaginas (you read that right), to keeping your bikini line primped, prepare for a lot of laughs and a whole lot of information.