6 Personalized Gifts Your Person Would Love To Get Under The Tree

It's that time of year again — it's gift giving season! Even in the name of the jolly holiday spirit, the pressure is on to find the perfect presents for the special humans in your life. There's shopping for your family members, co-workers, friends, and your adorable furry friend. TBH, it all gets a little stressful. Not to mention, shopping for the perfect personalized gifts for your best friend is challenging AF.

Picking out the gift for your person can be the most difficult one on your list, especially if she's a pro gift-giver. You want it to be thoughtful, meaningful, and unique to her. I don't know about you, but I've spent hours searching for the perfect gift for my person. So, in the midst of the general gifts she may receive this year, you want yours to truly stand out from the rest.

Hopefully this list takes some of the pressure off of you. The key to putting a smile on your person's face is this — when in doubt, go personal. You'd be surprised how many gifts you can personalize just for your BFF. These six presents will undoubtedly put a smile on her face, and get you off of that stressful hook, until, well, her birthday.

A Classy Monogrammed Wallet

The Post Wallet, $78, Madewell

You can never go wrong gifting a classy staple for your bestie to add to her wardrobe, and she'll never leave the house without this gem. It's sleek and stylish, and you can trust that it's built to last. She'll love the monogrammed detailing in gold on the side. There are even a few color options to choose from, so you can make sure it's just the color she'd want.

A Personalized, Mailable Box With A Surprise Inside

Greetabl box, $20, Greetabl

Does your BFF slash person live miles and miles away? Are you unable to see her this holiday season? I feel for you.

Greetabl has a ton of little options for a small gift that will brighten her day (and yours, when you see how excited she is). Each box can be customized with your favorite pictures together, and it comes with a little knick knack of your choosing inside.

This "Miss Ya A Latte" Gift Box
Packed Party

Miss Ya A Latte, $54, Packed Party

This gift is another great option for the long-distance duo, but it works just as well for the pair who's inseparable and lives just blocks away. Packed Party has a few options for gift boxes, so you can pick the box that's perfect for your bestie. I'm fond of this coffee-themed box because, truthfully, we can all make use out of a little more caffeine in our days.

Create A Candle Set Just For Her

Custom Candle Gift Sets, $68+, Diptyque

If your person loves the finer things in life, she'll probably adore this custom candle set from Diptyque. You can mix and match the number of candles and their scents to get the perfect combination for your BFF. She'll think of you each time she lights them up! This is a pricey endeavor, but the candles make up for every penny.

A Rose Gold Friendship Bracelet
Prezzy Box

Personalized Rose Gold Plated Disc Bracelet, $21, Prezzy Box

Did someone say rose gold? You know your bestie can't resist a beautiful rose gold piece of jewelry, and neither can you. No one said you had to outgrow friendship bracelets, but somehow, many of us did.

My besties and I recently invested in some really nice jewelry, and they just so happen to match. A friendship bracelet is the perfect little reminder that your person is always there with you.

A Set Of Wine Glasses Perfect For The Two Of You
Things Remembered

Stemless Red Wine Glass, $10, Things Remembered

If your main squeeze seriously can't get enough of her wine, you know customizing a personalized set of wine glasses for her is the way to go. You can go classic, and just put her name on the glass, or do something special to the both of you.