The Best Trips To Take Alone When You're Nostalgic & Feel Like Traveling Back In Time

Sometimes, you don't travel solely for the destination, but the feeling you get when you're away. That's why you may head to a spa when you want to relax and recharge, or head back home when you want to catch up with hometown friends and take a stroll down Memory Lane. If you're looking for something to remind you of the good old days growing up, you might want to consider nostalgic weekend trips to take alone.

I love using my weekends for mini solo trips. When you're traveling alone, you get to really immerse yourself in the new location and try all of the things you've always wanted to do. There's no need to compromise with another travel companion, because you're by yourself.

For someone who's feeling nostalgic on the reg, you're probably wishing you could head back in time and relive some of your favorite childhood vacation memories. But until Marty McFly shows up, you can always go on any of these six quick weekend trips. A lot of these ideas might be things you used to do as a kid when your family vacationed over the summer.

When you're packing, don't forget the '90s neon fanny pack and tons of overalls. Also, make sure you have some of your fave boy bands on your vacation Spotify playlist, because you're going to feel nostalgic AF.

Go On A Classic Road Trip
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I remember the days of packing up the minivan and driving to my Grandma's house. Relive your fave childhood family trips by going on a solo road trip. If you've never been to the Grand Canyon before, this might be a good chance to pack up your car and hit the road. Of course, you'll want to stop along the way at those fun little roadside diners and cool attractions.

Head To A Theme Park
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I don't know about you, but Disney vacations were always at the very top of my bucket list as a kid. I couldn't wait to ride Space Mountain and see Mickey Mouse.

Even though you're adulting now, that doesn't mean you can't still head to a theme park and feel like a kid again. In fact, experiencing Disneyland as an adult is almost just as much fun with the thrilling rides and tons of delicious themed food.

Stay In A Fun Hotel Or Hostel That Feels Like Dorm Life

If you're feeling nostalgic for your college days, you might want to check out The Kinney SLO in California. The resort embraces those college campus vibes you've been missing a lot lately. It even has a restaurant and bar that resembles a common room where you'd meet up with your friends to study and play skee-ball.

Rent A Beach House That'll Take You Back To Those Good Old Summer Vacation Days
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If your family used to head to the beach every summer, you might want to rent a house near the shore. Find a cute Airbnb house that's right on or near the beach, so every morning you can wake up, go for a run, and find a great spot in the sand with a good book. Spend your nights watching your favorite summery movies, like The Last Song.

Head To Vegas To Attend A Throwback Concert
Rachel Chapman

Some of your favorite artists are playing in Vegas right now. You could check out a Celine Dion concert, or swoon over the Backstreet Boys. Dance the night away to your fave hits, and if you're in the mood for it, hit up a fun themed slot machine.

Live Out Your Dreams By Going To Space Camp
Rachel Chapman

Space camp was always a dream for me as a kid. Unfortunately, I never got to go, but that doesn't mean you can't make it happen in your 20s.

There's a space camp for adults that could be the perfect weekend away by yourself. (Hopefully, they'll even have astronaut ice cream sandwiches.)