Women preparing a Mother's Day charcuterie board on TikTok.

TikTokers Are Making Mother's Day Charcuterie Boards To Show Mom Cheese The Best

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Forget flowers, you're stepping up your Mother's Day celebrations this year with elegant food and fancy arrangements. While cooking up a hearty brunch might be your usual way to do this, you can really impress your mom with a show-stopping presentation filled with meats and cheeses. These Mother's Day charcuterie boards on TikTok are thoughtfully chosen, creatively designed, and best of all, make the best pairings with your mom's fave wine. Creating one of these will let your true BFF know cheese the best.

If your mom's favorite meal of the day is breakfast, there's a Mother's Day charcuterie board that goes perfectly with her choice dish. Rather than making her one a simple batch of pancakes, these brunch charcuterie boards lay out all her favorite morning snacks to start her day off right. Does your mom have a sweet tooth? There's a charcuterie board that can double as a dessert buffet. If you decide to keep things traditional, there are TikToks that can also give you some design inspo to make a board that matches your mom's timeless style.

Whichever board you opt for, you'll create some quality time and tasty memories with your mom when you munch on these Mother's Day charcuterie boards on TikTok together. Not only will she appreciate your winning spread, but she'll also cherish having more time to spill the tea with her favorite kid.

A Charcuterie Board That Says, "I Love You, Mom"

You can never tell your mom you love her too many times. To remind her of your sweet affection, recreate this charcuterie board from TikTok that spells out, "I Love You, Mom," with cheese. She'll get an absolute kick out of your cheesy note while enjoying the sweet strawberries and rose petal-shaped cucumbers and salami this TikToker includes in their board.

A Brunch-Themed Mother's Day Charcuterie Board

When you can't decide between sweet or savory, choose both. This brunch-themed Mother's Day charcuterie board caters to all tastebuds, as it's filled with doughnuts, bagels, cheese, bacon, quiches, and fruit. If you're looking to let your mom know she deserves everything she wants, this board will do the trick.

A Charcuterie Board Designed Around A Bottle Of Wine

Wine not show your mom she's special by making her an artfully crafted charcuterie board from TikTok? TikToker @charcuteriebyania starts off by placing a bottle of wine in the center of their box. Then, they surround the wine with crackers, fruit, cheese, nuts, and deli meats for a luxury way to design a cheese board.

A Charcuterie Board For Moms Who Love Breakfast

Mini waffles, rose-shaped avocados, and scones — is there anything in this breakfast Mother's Day charcuterie board that won't put a smile on your bestie's face? Recreate this Insta-worthy board before your mom wakes up to treat her to breakfast in bed. When she sees the star-shaped kiwi, floral-inspired raspberries, and all the other cute ingredients in this spread, she'll be touched by the thoughtful designs.

A Charcuterie Board With Chocolate And Flowers

Adding chocolate bars and touches of florals can make your Mother's Day charcuterie board stand out from your usual cheese board. TikToker @honeygrazeboards makes an eye-catching spread by filling a circular cutting board to the brim with chocolate-covered pretzels, dried fruit, nuts, cheese, crackers, flower heads, and greenery. Presenting this board to your mom will really put a spring in her step.

A Dessert-Themed Charcuterie Board

To treat you mom like the queen she is, go all out with a dessert charcuterie board that spells "MOM." TikToker @midulcetentacion uses boxes in the shape of each letter. If that weren't sweet enough, they also fill each box with chocolate-covered strawberries. Some strawberries are dipped in Fruity Pebbles, while others are swirled in glitter sprinkles, and many are covered in pink chocolate and rose-gold dusting. Once you see how luxe this spread is, you might be tempted to grab a crown for your mom to go along with her royal vibe.