Dev Patel and Catherine Keener in one of the Modern Love moments that will make you cry
6 'Modern Love' Moments That Will Make You Cry For Hours

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In 2004, the New York Times launched a column that published stories revolving around a familiar, yet ever-evolving and relevant subject: love. But not just any love. The column, which later expanded to a podcast of the same name, focused on “modern love.” As the podcast put it, these were “stories of love, loss and redemption.” When Amazon announced it would be bringing these tales to a screen, dedicated readers immediately knew some tears would be shed. The show didn't disappoint, delivering one heart-wrenching episode after another. And while the series is jam-packed with emotional scenes, these six Modern Love moments will likely make you cry the hardest.

They won't always be the tears of sadness, either – the show caused happy tears just as often. Because of that, it's no wonder that almost as soon as Season 1 dropped, viewers all over social media started asking Amazon for another season. Considering the amount of stories the column has already run, there would be plenty of material to choose from. In the meantime, you can just keep re-watching Season 1 and revisit some of the show's most touching moments below. Warning: This post reveals major plot points from Modern Love Season 1.

The Sonogram Still Taped To Guzmin's Desk

The first episode is about an unlikely friendship between an editor named Maggie and her Albanian doorman, Guzmin. Guzmin is always there for Maggie: He's the shoulder she cries on when she finds out she's pregnant after a one-night stand, he hels per put the nursery together, he babysits, and selflessly tells her to take a promotion that would relocate them to California. While there are numerous heartwarming moments between the two, the top spot goes to the final scene. Years after Maggie moves, during a visit to New York with her daughter Sarah, the trio went to the Museum of Natural History. As they strolled past dinosaur bones, the camera cut to the lobby of the building, showing Sarah's sonogram from many years ago still taped to Guzmin's desk.

Joshua & Emma Got Back Together

In this episode, Joshua, the CEO of a dating app, told his love story to Julie, a journalist writing a profile about him: Boy meets girl. Boy blows off a serious job interview to take girl on a date. Boy and girl move in together. Boy moves out when girl confesses to cheating on him.

Joshua admitted he never really got over his ex, Emma, despite subsequent relationships and professional successes. "I realized I hadn't fully been alive for the past two years," he said, adding that he "came alive" for a few seconds when he bumped into Emma on the street. When Emma read the article, she broke up with her fiancé, and met up with Joshua at the same zoo cage where they had their first kiss, signaling a renewed relationship years after their first one ended.

Sylvia Cancels Her Meeting To Be There For Lexi

Anne Hathaway's Lexi is a successful entertainment lawyer who has Bipolar Disorder. Audiences witnessed Lexi grapple with her mental health, as it essentially forced her to pause her entire life. Lexi had hidden that part of herself from others, and overcompensated for her absences whenever she was feeling stronger. Eventually, though, she was fired from her job. After finally revealing her condition to Sylvia, her former boss, Lexi was shocked when Sylvia canceled her meeting to be there for her. The moving moment helped Lexi stop hiding who she is.

Peter Told Madeline He Believes In Her

This episode focused on parental love, or lack thereof. Madeline's father died when she was 11 and while she pretended to be used to it, it was clear throughout the episode how much she actually needed him. This void in her life became all the more apparent when she started pining over Peter, a much older colleague. Suffice it to say, the two had different ideas of where their relationship was going. When Peter kissed her, Maddy became dumbfounded and angry, saying she viewed him more as a father figure. The confession took a toll on Peter, who left on sabbatical — but not before meeting with Maddy to give her an important message: "You will grow up to be an extraordinary young woman. You're the daughter of any father's dream. I am very, very, very proud of you, Madeline."

Tobin Asked Karla If She'd Like To Keep The Baby

Andrew Scott, also known as the hot priest from Fleabag, made hearts melt yet again in this Modern Love episode. Wishing to have a baby, Scott's Tobin and his partner, Andy, signed up for an open adoption and were chosen by Karla, a young, homeless woman. Throughout the episode, Tobin struggled to connect with Karla and criticized her life choices and manners. On top of that, he revealed he's not sure he's ready to be a dad. It doesn't sound so sweet so far, but the "aww" moment finally arrived in the delivery room. After the baby was born, Tobin told Karla that if she wanted to keep the baby, he'd understand. "I want it now. I love her now," he explained. "So I can imagine what you're feeling." His face, with his teary eyes and smile, couldn't not pull on heartstrings.

Pretty Much All Of Episode 8

This episode was emotional from start to finish. It started with the beautiful love story between Margot and Kenji, an elderly couple who rediscovered love at a marathon. And it ultimately led viewers to Kenji's death. Margot, despite the devastating grief, delivered a heartfelt eulogy about "older love," which was even more heartbreaking considering the audience had watched their love story unfold only a few minutes prior. "Right now I don't know how I'm going to manage, frankly," Margot said. "But wherever he is and however long it takes, I hope he waits for me." Scenes from every other love story in the season finished the episode, allowing viewers to reminisce on the now-beloved characters who made each moment in the series so special.

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