Anne Hathaway and Gary Carr in Modern Love

Fans Are All Asking 1 Major Question About 'Modern Love' After Watching Season 1


The new anthology series Modern Love dropped on Amazon Prime on Ot. 18, and fans all around the world fell in love with its love stories. Each episode introduces audiences to new characters and new stories, all of which are based on pieces from the The New York Times column of the same name. The column has been running for 15 years and counting, and so there's plenty of material to mine. With so many more love stories out there, fans are wondering: Will there be a Modern Love Season 2? Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of Modern Love follow.

According to The New York Times, "Modern Love is about relationships, feelings, betrayals and revelations." Hundreds of personal essays have been published in the column, and Season 1 of Modern Love turns eight of them into episodes of television. It's filled with sweet moments that celebrate all kinds of love and leave audiences crying happy tears. And there are plenty of famous face preppered throughout: Cristin Milioti's single mom has a special friendship with her doorman, and Anne Hathaway's character comes face-to-face with her own mental health issues. There's also Dev Patel and Caitlin McGee, who play a couple who break up but find their way back to each other years later. No matter what the relationship dynamics are between the characters, they're making audiences feel all kinds of feelings.

While it could make sense for a second season of Modern Love to follow eight more original love stories, another option could be for the show to follow up with the characters audiences have already met. It's already happening in print; the New York Times is currently publishing a few follow-up pieces about some of the real-life people featured in the Modern Love series. So, if you're curious about what happened to the real-life version of Milioti's character and her doorman Guzmin, you can read all about it now. It seems like these kinds of follow-up stories would make for the perfect Season 2. I mean, after the characters found love in all different forms, what comes next?

But before fans can get too serious debating the merits of different potential Modern Love Season 2 formats, the show needs to first get picked up for another season. As of right now, Amazon has only ordered one season of the series, and a second season order will likely depend upon how the first one is received by audiences. Reviews of the show have been generally positive, although some have criticized it for its lack of nuance when it comes to addressing matters of class and race. However, the show does tell sweet (and true) stories of love, and many fans are making it clear that they're loving the sugary-sweet happy endings of the episodes. If the fans get their way, they'll be seeing more Modern Love stories on-screen in the future.

Season 1 of Modern Love is streaming on Amazon Prime now.