6 Sex Moves To Try Late After A Party & End Your Night With A Bang

The food and drinks are dwindling. Everyone is starting to funnel out. Despite the music, which is still playing weirdly loud, it's clear that the night is winding down — for some people, that is. Whether you hit it off with a sultry stranger or you're feeling the heat with your longtime boo, you're about to turn this house party into a party in the bedroom. A party of two, that is. If you've been out on the town and you're ready to head home, these late night sex moves to try after a party are the perfect way to end your evening with a bang — literally.

It's important to note that going out can sometimes mean getting your drink on, and while drinking can act as a social lubricant, there's nothing sexy about sending mixed messaged or potentially crossing boundaries. If you and your date both can't give active and verbal consent, it's best to take a beat and call it a night.

If you're feeling ready to mingle and your date is down, getting it on after a long night can be a great way to keep the party going. So, here are six sex moves to try after a party.

Alexey Kuzma/Stocksy
From The Back

If you and your date are feeling a little more horny that lovey-dovey — have your date hit it from the back. Doggie can mean deep penetration without intense eye contact or cute kissing (although eye contact and kissing can be hot too!) and can be perfect for a late night session.

With the receiving partner lying down facing the bed or on their knees facing away from their date, have the penetrating partner enter from behind. This position can allow the penetrating partner to finger their date from a different angle, as well. Pro tip: If you can't wait to get to the bedroom, try doggie up against the wall.

Rolled Missionary

Missionary is a classic. After a long party, if you and your date are feeling tired, going for a classic position may feel good for you both. However, if you're feeling sleepy but still spicy (my brand), have the receiving parter (on the bottom) roll their legs up on to the receiving partner's shoulders. Have the penetrating partner enter with their date (with a penis, fingers, toys, dildos, or anything else that feels good for you). If you're yoga-teacher flexible, you may be able to really get your legs back, though even a slight leg lift (with a pillow under your back for support!) will have your date hitting all the right spots.

Take A Seat

Bringing a chair into the bedroom can do some serious wonders for your sex life. If you're in a mood for more oral encounters —sit upright in a chair, and have your partner go down on you. They can sit criss-cross on the floor, and can even bring a cushion or pillow for their own comfort. Sitting means you both get to relax, and with your hips open, they have open access to your bod.

Couch Potato

Have your date sit on the couch and straddle them, so you're both facing each other. Getting it on on the couch can be comfortable while still exciting and sexy, like a kind of sheer sundress or heels with a hidden comfort sole. Hold on to the couch and lift yourself up and down and you ride your date. Being on top is super sexy and can make you feel like the boss you are.

Touch Yourself!

If you and your date are both trying to get off, but are totally tired, try masturbating together. This can also be great if you've been going at it for a little while and neither of you seem to be finishing. Your boo may know your body well, but no one knows your spots better than you do. After a long party, get naked with your date and masturbate as you normally would next to them.

Right Angle

Have the receiving partner lie back on the edge of the bed, with their legs up around the penetrating partner. Standing up, the penetrating partner can finger, perform oral, or penetrate the receiving partner — creating a right angle. This position will allow for a great view of each other, as well as for some healthy separation (i.e. you're not totally in each other's faces or personal spaces). It's a great way for some deep penetration without getting too cuddly. (Which again, can be hot too!)

Late night sex after a big party can really hit the spot. Of course, being clear about consent is extra important. If everyone is on the same page, a big social gathering can be a great way to meet and mingle. Whether you're looking for a one-night thing or getting frisky with your longtime love — getting it in after going out can be the best way to end the night.