6 Fourth Of July Food Deals That'll Give Your Grill A Break

Whenever I'm hungry on the Fourth of July, I'm usually craving something off the grill that's covered in barbecue sauce (maybe some corn on the cob, too). As you know, grilling is a super popular Independence Day activity — and tons of folks across the nation honor the holiday with backyard barbecues and celebrations. However, thanks to these July 4 food deals for 2019, it looks like some people might be spending the big day at their go-to restaurants. If you're hoping to give your grill a break, put down the patties and let someone else do the cooking.

Whether you're planning on devouring savory snacks or mouth-watering desserts on the Fourth, there are tons of discounts waiting for you. Take Krispy Kreme, The Cheesecake Factory, and Sonic, for example. Each restaurant is offering free (or discounted) goodies on July 4, which will make the holiday even sweeter. Restaurants like Applebee's and Cicis, on the other hand, are offering food deals that'll satisfy your hunger just in time for the fireworks.

Now that you know a little bit about those Fourth of July discounts, I'll get into detail about 'em. That way, you'll be able to turn your grill off and relax during the big night.

FYI: I'll start with dinner, and then I'll get into dessert.


If you're craving chicken wings on the Fourth (but don't feel like heating up the grill), Applebee's has your back. Select locations across the country are offering "All You Can Eat Wings" for $12.99 until July 7, which means you can fill up on the cheap. However, it seems like this deal is only taking place at Applebee's restaurants within Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kentucky, Arizona, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. To see if your local Applebee's is offering the discount, go ahead and give it a call.

Cicis Pizza

If you're craving pizza instead of wings and burgers, head to Cicis. On July 4, the company is offering a $4 Unlimited Buffet deal that'll help you score your favorite slices for less than a fiver. The offer is valid with the purchase of a large drink, so get thirsy (and hungry, of course).

Krispy Kreme
Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're a Krispy Kreme Reward member (jealous), you'll be able to partake in a special July 4 deal at the doughnut hub. According to a press release, Reward members who buy a dozen doughnuts (of any kind) on Independence Day will be able to score a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts for free. If you're not a Reward member yet, you can sign up here.

Oh, while you're at Krispy Kreme, check out the company's new patriotic doughnut selection. They look delicious (and super festive).


Sonic is offering a few dessert deals throughout the month of July, including an exclusive discount for anyone who uses the company's mobile app. According to an email from the company, those of you who use Sonic's app to order ahead can score a three-piece Cinnabon Cinnasnacks pack for 99 cents. To download the app and use the reward, click here.

That's not it, though. The Sonic's Nights promotion is also in full swing, which means you can stop by after 8 p.m. for a Shake or Cookie Sandwich that's 50% off. TBH, that sounds like the perfect pre-firewords snack.

The Cheesecake Factory
Courtesy of The Cheesecake Factory

If you let The Cheesecake Factory do your cooking on July 4, you'll be able to score a free slice of Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake in return (I'm not kidding).

In order to get a free slice, you must place a Cheesecake Factory order via DoorDash from July 3 to July 7. However, that order has to equal (or exceed) $17.76, and you must use the code "OREO" at checkout. Then, a free piece of cheesecake will be included with your meal.

Cumberland Farms
Courtesy of Cumberland Farms

If you're craving a refreshing beverage after your discounted Fourth of July meals, head to your local Cumberland Farms. There, you'll be able to score a small or large drink at the Chill Zone — like a soda or a frozen HYPERFREEZE — for only 79 cents. The deal will be available until Sept. 3, which means you'll be able to hydrate on the cheap when Independence Day comes around.

As you can see, there are tons of food and drink deals for the Fourth of July, which means grilling isn't your only option.