6 HBO-Inspired Couples’ Costumes For Halloween 2019 That Everyone Will Know

John P. Johnson/HBO

Celebrating your first Halloween together is always a fun milestone in any relationship. You get to learn if bae is really up for the haunted houses and fright nights that come with the season, impulse-shop together at Target for spooky décor, and (equally as important) you get to learn their true stance on candy corn. Halloween season is also a great opportunity to test your partner's creativity and commitment (JK, but no, really) with a couples' costume. If you and bae have a standing HBO date night, consider HBO-inspired couples' costumes for Halloween 2019 for your next costume party.

If you're reading this more than a week before Halloween, you can easily hop on Amazon, Etsy, or Party City to snag a costume, stat. Or, you can take a more DIY route by shopping for pieces — whether that's on ASOS, Zara, or simply at your local Goodwill — that mimic any of these characters' looks. Whether it's gunslingers in love, or indie, glitter-splashed high-school sweethearts, you and your partner can for sure find an HBO-inspired Halloween couples' costume that fits your personalities with just a little time and attention. Here are six costumes to take you and your bae's love for HBO to the next level.

Dolores & Teddy From 'Westworld'

If you and bae are all about your anachronistic dramas, why not dress up as a cute couple of the future and past? A solid Halloween pick would be Dolores Abernathy and Teddy Flood from Westworld. For Dolores, pick up your own iconic, cornflower blue dress or scoop up a peasant top and a blue maxi skirt and pair it with a brown belt and bullet holder.

Although Dolores and Teddy's relationship has taken a downward turn on TV, that doesn't mean you and your SO can't dress up in your Western, gunslinging best in honor of this HBO show.

Maeve & Hector From 'Westworld'

Lean into your bad *ss side with a Maeve Millay and Hector Escaton couples' costume. While one person can serve an outlaw look, the other can serve body in a saloon costume. (Unless you see yourself cosplaying anytime soon — which, props, sis — it will be way more accessible than the $300 or so you'll drop on a duplicate of Maeve Millay's bodice and bustle.)

Daenerys Targaryen & Jon Snow From 'Game of Thrones'

Because who isn't looking for a chance to be as brooding and sexy as Jon Snow, or as fierce and take-no-sh*t as Daenerys Targaryen? Kiss this beyond outstanding drama goodbye this year with a proper Halloween tribute. Be sure to snag your Khaleesi wig and practice your Mother of Dragons commands.

And if one of you is going to be Jon Snow? Get to work with fake furs (rugs from Ikea will do the trick!) and a plastic sword.

Rue & Jules From 'Euphoria'

All the Euphoria kids already have clever Halloween costumes on the show, so half your work is already done if you want to go a more funky route. In the Halloween episode, Rue Bennett and Jules Vaughn went as Marlene Dietrich in Morocco and Juliet in Romeo & Juliet, respectively, so copying one of their looks with a classic tailcoat and white blouse, or a white dress and angel wings gives your look double the impact.

If you and your SO are going for the more simple look above, you're in luck. With Jules, you can easily hit up the nearest mall or your fave online fashion retailer for a purple crop top and plaid skirt. As for Rue, the same goes for her striped tube top. And if you want to skip the fast fashion bit all together, you can probably find a Hawaiian shirt at your local thrift store.

Madeline & Joseph From 'Big Little Lies'

For better or worse, you and your boo can dress up as Madeline Mackenzie and her former lover, Joseph Bachman, for Halloween. Is it right? No. But whoever isn't going as Madeline will definitely have more to work with. They can lean into the theater vibe and be perfectly cozy in a black button-down and grey cardigan. As for the Madeline of the couple, pick up some pearl stud earrings, a berry lip stain, a blonde wig if necessary, and a stand-out burgundy trench coat to re-create the look.

Eileen / Candy & Hank From 'The Deuce'

And last but certainly not least, there's Eileen "Candy" Merrell from The Deuce: a sex-worker-turned-porn-director who's been on her grind throughout all three seasons of this HBO series. To dress up as Eileen's Season Three business bae, Hank Jaffe, you or your SO need only rustle up a mid-'80s suit with a red tie. With the show's storyline brought up to the year 1985 (and Eileen's evolution), Eileen has traded champagne-colored slips and furs for a bad-b*tch blazer and slacks. Re-create Eileen Merrell's '80s look by adding a black top or bodysuit with a sweetheart neckline, statement earrings, and bold sunglasses.

No matter what you and bae end up going as, all your fellow HBO fans will give you kudos for these couples' costumes. Now, get cracking and try not to fall into another marathon-watching spree. HBO shows are addicting, I get it, but Halloween is right around the corner.