6 Halloween Costumes With A Leather Jacket That Are Cute & Bad*ss At The Same Time


Halloween is during one of the coldest times of the year. Especially when your body isn't quite used to the chill in the air after several months of summer, it can be hard to even imagine going out at night without some serious chill protection. Luckily, there are tons of Halloween costumes with a leather jacket that will have you looking bad*ass, stylish AF, and super warm.

If you can incorporate a leather jacket into your normal wardrobe, you can rock it on Halloween. It takes a woman with guts to wear a bold statement piece, which is why you should totally do it. Pulling off an edgier look is a big deal, and Halloween is basically the perfect time to try it out.

If you have a leather jacket in a color other than black, you can likely make your costume of choice look a little less edgy. However, the black jacket is a classic look that just can't truly be replaced by any other color. You can get creative in your outfits, but a lot of these costume ideas use the leather jacket in iconic looks, letting it revel in all its glory. Here's some totally vintage and adorable inspiration for your epic leather jacket Halloween costume, in case you need a few ideas.

1. Biker Girl

When I think of a leather jacket, I tend to think of pairing it with some bad*ss boots and even more leather. You don't need much in the way of accessories to put a biker chick costume together, so it's a win-win. No one will mess with you this Halloween. All you'll need is a black top, black leather biker pants, a bandana, and some bold lipstick to tie this outfit together.

2. Pilot

Channel your inner Amelia Earhart with a fairly simple outfit. Your jacket and some aviator goggles or a pair of aviator sunglasses will be the glue that holds your costume together, so make sure you've got those handy. Another great thing about this outfit is that you can use nearly any color jacket and the look will have the same vintage vibe.

3. Sandy from Grease

Grab your crew of Pink Ladies and hit the sock hop this Halloween. The black leather jacket perfectly portrays that 1950s feel. You won't need much that you don't already have in your closet if you want to feel like you came right out of Grease. Just be prepared to spend some serious time curling your hair. An adorable pair of red heels is the cherry topping to this costume.

4. Katniss Everdeen

An epic bow and arrow are likely the only things you'll need to buy to complete this Hunger Games look. If you already have boots, khaki pants, a dark shirt, and of course, your beloved leather jacket, you have Katniss' signature outfit already nailed down. All that's left to do is braid your hair and grab your bow.

5. Black Widow

If you can last a whole night in leather pants, I salute you. Every woman is already a superhero, but if you want to wear your super powers on the outside on Halloween, you can rock this look. It's fierce and edgy, but can be toned down to your liking. Natasha Romanoff has got nothing on you. Don't forget to rock your tall black boots, and you can find an awesome pair of leather leggings that look like pants at H&M.

6. T-Bird

If you want to travel back in time to the 1950s, why not join the T-Birds? This group is the counterpart to the Pink Ladies from the iconic movie Grease, but the vintage look can cover the decade altogether. Rock a white T-shirt, your leather jacket, and a pair of your fave jeans cuffed up, and you're set for the night. This costume has that fierce quality to it that'll leave you feeling both totally adorable, and totally bad*ss.

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