6 Delightful Ways To Celebrate Galentine's Day With Your Best Friend

by Annie Foskett

Valentine's Day is inevitable. It may be a trivial holiday, but Feb. 14 is a date on the calendar that will be here very soon, and we're all going to have to deal with it — no matter what our relationship status may be. While I'd love to suggest that you treat V-Day like any other day, we all know that's impossible. There will be couples holding hands, coworkers receiving deliveries, and a very floral subway commute home. If you happen to be single, why not embrace the love and celebrate with a friend instead? Galentine's Day ideas are easier to come by than romantic Valentine's Day plans, and entail a whole lot less planning.

The recipe for a successful Galentine's Day is simple and straightforward. All you need is one part awesome BFF, two parts adult beverage of choice, two parts delicious edible item, and one semi-structured activity to partake in. First, indulge in the beverages (margaritas, IMO) with aforementioned BFF, and then eat the yummy snacks or dinner or dessert you've prepared, ordered in, or gone out for. Finally, cancel your normal workout or laundry plans and commit to engaging in a fun, unromantic activity with your galentine. Clear schedules, full stomachs, can't lose. Here are some ideas for you and your number-one girl.

1. Go To A Concert

Even if you're not that into the band, going to a concert is a really excellent way to spend a Wednesday in your city or town. There are drinks available, and you and your BFF can go out for French fries afterwards. I don't know about you, but standing for hours with periods of dancing always makes me feel like I deserve some greasy food.

2. Netflix & Chill

But like, actually chill. You don't need to hook up with your friend. ER is on Hulu right now. Why not spend V-Day catching up on the greatest show you never watched with a friend and some wine/gummy bears/potato chips/all of the above?

3. Go Out To Dinner

Honestly, one of my best Valentine's Day's ever was with three friends over a great dinner at a very romantic restaurant in Brooklyn. Yes, there were couples all over the place, but no, we did not feel like lepers. We felt like women who had an excuse to spend too much time and money on dinner on a random weeknight.

4. Go Bowling

Bowling is my favorite activity for dates, and Galentine's Day is no exception to the rule. Find the best local bowling alley that serves beer, and take your V-Day angst out on the pins instead of your exes.

5. Go To The Movies

It's Oscar season, so there are definitely movies that you haven't seen, but should, plus, I keep hearing weirdly great things about Paddington 2. Indulge in some comfort food, and then your adult vice of choice, and go laugh at an animated bear with some friends. Sounds far better than a forced candlelit dinner.

6. Host A Secret Cupid

The major qualm I have with being single on Valentine's Day is that I don't get any presents. Sure, I could buy myself something, but it's fun to actually unwrap a gift. Why not organize a boozy, foodie Secret Cupid in which your crew of galentines exchange small presents because why the eff not? It's so nice to receive something you didn't pay for!

The most important thing to remember this Valentine's Day is that it doesn't matter if you're single, as long as you have friends. Personally, my friendships are more vital to my mental health than my love life. I suggest so take Feb. 14th as a day to show those gals in your world just how special they truly are. HGD!

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