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6 'Friends' Costumes That Are Better Than The Holiday Armadillo


Even if you haven't seen a single episode Friends, you probably know the six main characters by name. You know the girl with the once-very-popular hairstyle, the quirky hippie, and the paleontologist infamous for divorces. Although you may have been too young to host watch-parties back in the show's glory days, there's luckily another way for you and your friends to show some love to the comedy series. Here are six Friends costumes your entire group will love come Halloween.

Yes, it's been 25 years since the show premiered and 15 since it wrapped, but Friends is still many people's go-to when they need something to watch (myself included). I always grin during that scene in Season 2 Episode 7 when Ross and Rachel finally kiss for the first time. And I tear up when they break up in Monica's living room, because even though they were on a break (yes, let's admit it already) Rachel couldn't get past him hooking up with someone else. I sob when Rachel has her baby, I laugh at Joey's general Joey-ness, and I find myself humming Phoebe's greatest hits on a daily basis. So, I think this level of influence should be honored with some ever-relevant outfits.

For The Rachel Of The Group
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Hailed unanimously as the stylish one in the group, Rachel is responsible for one of the most iconic hairstyles of the late '90s. So, if you want to dress up as Rachel Green this Halloween, I'd start by getting a wig that mimics the haircut (or style your own hair that way if your cut will allow you to). Style-wise, this waitress-turned-Bloomingdale's assistant-turned-Ralph Lauren big wig was known for her mini skirts and shorts. Pair a white USA tee with some black shorts and tights or grab a short skirt and any black/dark shirt you have, roll up the sleeves, tie it up, and you're all set! Sneakers or any sort of flat shoes will do.

When in doubt, or if it's a day or two before the party, just grab some high-wasted, baggy, light-wash Levi's and a plain white tee and you're good to go!

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For The Monica Of The Group
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Let's get real for a second: Monica did not get the level of fashionista appreciation she deserved. Her clean, organized, responsible chef's outfits? Her short and yet always perfectly wavy hair (short-haired gals will tell you the maintenance is not easy). Her baggy sweaters and high-wasted pant? Her cute dresses? Monica's cool and effortless looks were always more my style.

If you want to honor Mon this Halloween you can wear a pair of cute, flowy, striped pants and a cropped black tee look.

Alternatively, her bright red bridesmaid dress is another way to go. When she wore this iconic dress in Season 4 Episode 24, it became an instant classic, along with Ross' "Take thee, Rachel" and the dawn of Monica's relationship with Chandler. So why not revisit it this Halloween?

Alternatively, for an easier costume right out of your closet, you can wear a white button down with high-wasted jeans. Add a red lip and a short black wig, and you're Monica!

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For The Phoebe Of The Group
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Phoebe's really something else and her style reflects her unique personality. Her stacks and stacks of jewelry and eccentric outfits will definitely make for a fun costume this Halloween.

For a classic Phoebe look, consider wearing a lovely pink mini dress.

If pink isn't really your thing, then grab a long black dress and layer it over a white turtleneck. As long as you've got a ton of funky jewels and a long blonde wig, you're all set!

For The Ross Of The Group

Are you incredibly smart and incredibly romantic? Do you have passion for science and academia? Are you very eager to get married some day (or maybe you already have)? Have you been hopelessly in love with the same girl for 10 years?

Congratulations, you're the Ross of your friend group, and thereby get a super easy costume this Halloween. If you're going as Ross, you better grab a pair of leather pants (just make sure you can get them on and off). Then take a dark grey shirt, tuck it into the pants, and you're all set.

For a much easier costume, whip out a sharpie and have one of your friends draw some whiskers and write "Ross" on your face. If you have a Rachel in your life, it also makes for a great and very easy couple's costume!

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For The Chandler Of The Group
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If you're a sarcastic jokester, this one's for you. He may have an office job no one seems to care enough about to memorize, but in his personal life, Chandler is anything but typical and boring.

If you want to channel him this Halloween, you'd need one of these two things: either a tie or a chunky vest. Throw either one of those over a button down and you're all set.

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For The Joey Of Your Group

This Italian actor and renowned ladies man wasn't particularly famous for a single look. But one thing a Joey wannabe could do is get a leather jacket and put it over a black tee or sweater. Joey rocked this look on countless occasions. Now, add some gel to your hair to recreate that signature cut, and damn baby, how you doin'?