5 ‘Gossip Girl’ Halloween Costume Ideas That'll Have You Saying, "XOXO"

Attention Upper East Siders, er, Elite Daily readers! It's October, which means there are going to be plenty of opportunities to dress up as your favorite TV or movie characters. I'm coming at you hot with the best Gossip Girl Halloween costume ideas from some of the most memorable episodes in the epic six-season series.

Whether you're a Blair Waldorf, a Serena Van der Woodsen, Dan Humphrey, or Chuck Bass, there are plenty of iconic looks to recreate this Halloween. I'm going beyond just their iconic school uniforms, and digging into all the things that made Gossip Girl a riveting show about scandal, fashion, and perfectly poised Manhattan elites.

So, let's get started.

1. A Constance or St. Jude Student

I know I said I was going deeper than this, but I also feel like you can't have a GG costume list without this classic lewk, so it's really the perfect place to start.


To get the look, you've got to get a little edgy. Pair your favorite stilettos with a pleated mini skirt and you're halfway there.

Grab a white shirt.

Grab a loose tie.

And don't forget a knotted headband to add that trademark Gossip Girl-fashionista flair!

To get the guys' look, it's just as simple.


Let's start with a yellow polo.

Throw a blue blazer over it.

And add a striped tie!

2. "Battle of the Frenemies" Serena & Blair

Fans will recall one of the most vital fights in the series' history went down in the Season 1 episode, "Poison Ivy." It was between Serena and Blair during school hours — gym class, to be exact. While the quarrel wasn't pretty (I mean, there were field hockey sticks involved), their uniforms were actually quite cute and make for the perfect BFF costume.


To get the look, start with a black or red athletic skirt (red if you're Blair and Black if you're Serena!).

Find a simple white polo.

Next up: add some knee-high socks!

Now, layer up some super cute sweatbands to add that sporty flair!

Now ask your private-school friend if you can borrow a friend's field hockey stick for the occasion, and you're ready to roll!

3. Manhattan Models Serena & Blair

Ugh, the Season 1 episode "Bad News Blair" completely wrecked me with sadness — and then with laughter. It was full of highs and lows for Serena and Blair's friendship, but ended with them frolicking around NYC modeling stolen Eleanor Waldorf designs. It was the epitome of #BFFgoals.

First things first, grab your bestie and duke it out over who will be Serena and who will be Blair this Halloween.

To get Blair's look, all you need is a basic blue dress.

Add a thin, white belt.

And to really bring it all home, make sure you style your hair in loose waves pulled back into a subtle up-do with a middle part.

It's just as simple to recreate Serena's look. Just snag a simple red dress and a black belt (instead of blue and white). Then top it all off with a polka-dot headscarf!

4. Masquerade Ball Jenny Humphrey


If you're anything like me, you lived for the Jenny drama. While her actions often made me cringe, she played a major part in this series, and I loved guessing what she'd get herself into next. If you'll recall, the masquerade ball in the iconic Season 1 episode "The Handmaiden's Tale" played a major part in Jenny's drama with Blair because Nate mistook her for Serena and confessed he was still in love with her. BRB, need to go rewatch this episode ASAP.

To recreate the look, grab a shoulder-less yellow gown with a ruffled skirt. (Tip: head to your local thrift store and see if you can snag a similar dress for half the price.)

We're already halfway done! Now, grab some elbow-length, yellow gloves!

It's not a masquerade ball without a mask! Here's a super elegant one that's nearly identical to Jenny's, and what's even better is it won't break bank!

Now, just a quick reminder of the moment Nate whispered sweet nothings in Jenny's ear thinking it was Serena (y'know... for posterity's sake).

5. Runaway Blair

After Blair said "I do" to Prince Louis in Season 5's "G.G" royal wedding, Dan helped her attempt to escape her new reality and jet off, leaving her worries behind. To hide from paparazzi, Blair had to try and fit in with the tourists at the airport, and what better way to do that then sport an "I Love NY" t-shirt. This might be the easiest look to achieve, so let's get going.


Start with the classic "I Love NY" pink tee.

Add a gray hoodie over it (remember to keep it unzipped).

Complete the look with skinny jeans!

Of course, a key element of this moment was Blair carrying her now-useless wedding dress in a shopping bag, so put a ruffly white skirt in a bag as a prop to carry around with you.

And there you have it, five Halloween costumes inspired by your favorite TV clique. XOXO, you know you love them!