6 Festive & Romantic Fourth Of July Date Ideas That Work All Across America

Every year, I think July 4th is going to be some glamorous, breezy, summer extravaganza. I imagine I'm surrounded by dozens of friends who will capture my enthusiasm over the United States in the perfect Instagram shot. Usually, it's really not that at all. In real life, it's a standard day of doing not much, and maybe watching fireworks from an apartment rooftop and trying desperately to get that one good Boomerang. But even though I'm pretty boring, you may not be, so I've thought up some Fourth of July date ideas that sound like a fun way to spend the holiday.

Since many people who work in the States get the day off for this holiday, it is usually an opportunity to do something summer-y and patriotic on the extra day off. If you have a date planned for Independence Day, take advantage of the extra American cheesiness, amp up that country spirit, and lean into the holiday. Warning that these suggestions are kind of over-the-top, so maybe only proceed with someone you've been dating for some time. Or show them your fun side early on with these creative dates. Up to you. Here are my Fourth of July date suggestions.

Create a "National Treasure"-inspired scavenger hunt.

OK this is pretty damn extra, but that's my specialty so it's fine. Inspired by the greatest movie of all time, National Treasure, create an American history-themed scavenger hunt around your town. Specify hints and clues to your town's American history, and bonus points for playing dramatic music from the soundtrack while doing so.

Bake a flag-themed cake.
inagarten on Instagram

Continuing the theme of National Treasure, follow American icons Ina "Barefoot Contessa" Garten and Taylor "Look What You Made Me Do" Swift's lead. Both women, known for their business-savvy and baking abilities, have made this American flag-themed cake to honor the holiday. Make the red, white, and blue cake here.

Host an Independence Day party.

If you and your significant other are more social than me (the bar is not high), you may enjoy having your group of friends over for a Fourth of July bash. This also may or may not be inspired by Taylor Swift's annual July 4th parties - my favorite was during the "Hiddleswift" era in 2016. Get an inflatable pool to put on your roof if you live in the city, buy a bunch of six-pack beers, and maybe even some party hats for your guests, too. Play some American classics like "What Time Is It?" from High School Musical 2 and "Summer Nights" from Grease. For ultimate party points, get matching "I <3 TS" tank tops for you and your boo, and have a cringe-y photo shoot of your PDA.

Visit a museum in your town to learn about its history.

Embrace your academic side by digging into your town's history. Yes, Independence Day's history is more focused in Philadelphia, but take the day off to learn about how your town came to be and its own history in relation to your state. If the museum you were eyeing is closed on the holiday, check out some books with your partner from your local library about your town, and have your own reading date on the Fourth.

Purchase some fireworks and DIY a truly ~lit~ night.

Don't feel left out if your local area doesn't really do fireworks on Independence Day – pick up your own fireworks and do them at home! Be sure to read all safety instructions and be careful, you don't want any accidents to deal with on the holiday.

Bike ride and then have a picnic.

Picnics seem like one of those uber-romantic things that I just hear about happening. Well, if you have a date for July 4th, and the weather is sunny and clear, go ahead and plan a bike ride for you and your partner, and bring a picnic basket as well. Pack up easy-to-prepare sandwiches, veggies and dip, some chocolate-covered strawberries, and champagne.

Enjoy your holiday, and hope you have a blast with your date – I'll probably be anxiously trying to capture that perfect Boomerang of the night fireworks.