Indulge In These 6 Foods On Valentine's Day For A Serious Boost In Your Sex Drive

Imagine eating your way to better sex. Sounds a little like a hedonist's dream, does it not? Well, it just might be possible for you, my friends, so just in time for Valentine's Day, here comes a list of foods that boost your sex drive so you can keep up with cupid between the sheets on the day that honors all things love, romance, and sexy times. Pleasure on more than one level is always #goals, amirite?

Now, as you may know, an aphrodisiac is something that stimulates desire. While there's not exactly a glacier of research dollars being poured into the study of nutritional aphrodisiacs, there have been plenty of different types of foods, drinks, and herbs used to boost people's sex drives since basically the dawn of humanity. So, time is on our side with this one, if there are any skeptics out there.

Let me make it known, BTW, that I'm here for whatever kind of sex might float your boat, whether it's just you, or a whole dang party, so if you want to get it on this V-Day, stock up on these snacks to get the blood flowing where it needs to flow.

Happy eatin' and lovin' my friends! Because that's what it's all about at the end of the day — but especially on Valentine's Day.

Dark Chocolate

Can't make a V-Day aphrodisiac list without the number one, right? Stock up on dark chocolate, and eat a few truffles all slow and sensual-like.

If this one is truly as much of a turn-on as as the Aztecs believed, then it is likely the result of two thigns: the tryptophan in dark chocolate (which helps build serotonin, that happy chemical in your body that's also partially responsible for sexual arousal), and another chemical called phenylethylamine, which is a stimulant that is apparently produced in your brain when you fall in love!

While most researchers think that the amount of these chemicals is too small to truly impact arousal, I say that just means you have to eat more of it, right?


Cut up a bowl full of those juicy red cubes, because this fruit is a surefire way to get you into the right mood. Research shows that one of watermelon's ingredients, citrulline, has the potential to relax blood vessels. That's basically what Viagra does — catch my drift?

Apparently, citrulline is most potently located in the rind of the melon, so it might do you some good to gnaw on a few of those before you slip into bed.


Slide a few of these salty ocean snacks down the gullet, because they are one of the most popular aphrodisiacs around, and this one is backed by proof, baby! Oysters make you feel sexy because they are rich in amino acids that trigger the release of sex hormones.

Like 'em or not, you might want to work a few into your meal come the big day.

Chili Peppers

Hot! Hot! Hot! There might be some truth behind the old wives' tale that spice might give you a little extra, you know, spice. The active compound called capsaicin is what makes chilis super hot to eat, and it also stimulates the tongue and releases adrenaline throughout the body, which in turn pops up your heart rate and your level of endorphins. Anyone else feel hot all of a sudden?


Have a little honey, honey! Honey contains a chemical called boron, which is thought to help regulate hormone levels.

It also has in it some nitric oxide, a chemical released into the blood when you are aroused. Bow-chikka wow-wowww.


While it might make your pee smell, you can think about that later. The vitamin E in these green stalks just might boost your production of sex hormones. Doesn't hurt to grill up a few to enjoy with your oysters, right?

Now go forth, my friends, and enjoy all the eatin' and lovin' your heart (and tummy) desires!