These 6 Face Mask Sticks Will Make Your #MaskMondays So Much Easier

Beauty seems to be getting more and more convenient by the day thanks to brilliant packaging innovations. Case in point: face mask sticks, which have bloomed in popularity over the past year and make getting glowy skin easy, mess free and, and 100 percent portable. If you're a Milk Makeup super fan like me then you've probably been enjoying stick-form makeup and skincare for awhile (they launched their cult-favorite Blur Stick in January of 2017) but recently, a few other forward-thinking brands have been following suit and releasing their own versions. If you've just Marie Kondo'd your bathroom or you're constantly on the go, face mask sticks are definitely going to be your beauty BFFs.

I treasure my face mask products so when I squeeze too much out of a tube and subsequently end up wasting it I get annoyed, to say the least. (I used to chase my roommate around and make her do a partial mask with the excess—yep, she loved me.) Thanks to mask sticks, I no longer have to worry about over squeezing or leaving a gloopy mess on my sink. Thanks to their semi-solid texture and easy-apply packaging, I can just swipe them across my face, put the lid on, and wait for dewy skin. I've been traveling for the past 15 months and am living out of a backpack and you'd better believe that a face mask stick is taking up some of my precious space. It's completely portable, won't bust open and leave a mess in my suitcase when I fly, and allows me to feel pampered and fresh and like I'm doing something good for my skin that is constantly being exposed to new climates and dry airplane air.

I could go on, but I'll let the products themselves do the talking. Here are six of the best:

Go Green

Where are my matcha lovers at? You can now smear a version of your favorite drink across your face and have your skin benefit from its detoxifying and purifying properties. Its formula also includes kombucha and witch hazel to diminish pores and absorb excess oil, as well as organic cactus elixir to calm and hydrate. Basically, it's the ideal not-so-secret beauty weapon.

Pure Genius

Drugstore mega brand Olay just came out with three new mask sticks, so you know the product is about to blow up. This one is their detoxifying option thanks to the Kaolin clay it contains, which micro-exfoliates and removes impurities.

Face Food

I love all of the Yes To products because they are vegan and completely cruelty free. This stick contains grapefruit and vitamin C to help brighten and hydrate dull skin. How much you wanna bet it smells amazing?

Oil Blaster

If you've got oily skin, this is the mask you should invest in. It contains Jeju volcanic clusters and spheres, which sound ultra fancy but are really just porous hardened chunks of lava that help absorb excess oil.

Glow Up

This is another one of Olay's offerings and it's meant to help remove a build-up of dead skin cells and reveal glowy and healthy skin. It's the perfect answer to dull winter skin.

That's Juicy

And finally, what would a mask roundup be without a watermelon brightening product? Milk's version also hydrates, smoothes, and evens—it's a quadruple threat.