6 Excuses To Get Out Of Going Out When You're Feeling Lazy & The Struggle's Real

Oh no — you made plans with your friends, but laziness just invited itself over, and you really don't feel like getting up from your comfy couch. Don't worry, because we've all been there — and the struggle can be oh-so-real. You keep trying to part with your fluffy, warm blankets, but every time you move, you seem to sink a little bit deeper into the couch cushions. If you and your friends have made some solid plans to hang out far in advance, you really can't avoid them. You made a commitment, after all, and it would be really rude to ditch your girls. However, if it's been a long, stressful work week, you might not be feeling up for a long night spent bar hopping. You may already be thinking up some excuses to get out of going out as we speak.

First off, be absolutely sure to evaluate the situation and decide if it's really OK to back out of these plans. You for sure can't help it when you're way too exhausted from a busy work week, and the thought of going out to a loud bar is already too much to handle. Secondly, consider asking your girls if they'd rather have a chill night in and order some pizza. That may be your best bet.

If you decide you'd rather catch up on some sleep, but you're worried about letting your friends down, don't fret. Here are six valid things to text them to get out of a plan that will make them feel OK about it. You can be at home in your PJs, watching the latest flick, or snoozing within the hour.

"My cat isn't feeling well."

If you don't have a cat, obviously, substitute this one with whichever kind of pet you have. Tell your friends that your pup's really feeling under the weather, and you want to stay home with them or take them to the vet.

"My little sister wanted to FaceTime me tonight because she's going through some stuff, and I told her I'd be available."

Your friends know your family comes first, so they won't question that you need to be home for your sis. Plus, in this scenario, your sis insisted on FaceTime, so you have to be someplace quiet where you can chat to see what's up.

Being vague about the "stuff" your sister is going through will give you time to come up with whether it was relationship, work, or friendship-related when your friends ask how it went later.

"I'm in the middle of working on a big project my boss assigned me."

This excuse is a relatable one. Work struggles are all too real, am I right? More than once do they infringe on happy hour plans.

Your friends know where you work, but they probably don't know what your daily schedule looks like. This project could literally mean anything, from a presentation to an organizational task. They don't need to know all of the little details. Just send a bunch of eye rolling Gifs to show you're really not happy about it, and you really wish you could be there. Rain check?

"My roomie was having a bad day and I want to be home when she gets in."

Since your bar hang was on the casual side anyway, your friends would probably agree that this roommate emergency takes precedent. You're also saying you just want to be home when "she gets in." It's "unfortunate" your roommate may be on the later side getting back home, but you really want to spend some quality girl time with her to make up for her crummy day.

"I have the WORST period cramps."

Period cramps are the actual worst. It's no secret that periods seriously suck, so your friends will totally understand when you decide to drop a line like this to stay home. Just make sure you knock on some wood, because you don't jinx yourself for next time.

"There's a leak in my apartment and they're sending the plumber."

Plumbing is always a good excuse, because we know that when you put in a maintenance request, they might not actually show up until a couple of hours later. You'll be stuck "waiting" all night.

You don't even need to have the fake leak happen in your apartment. There could be a mysterious leak anywhere in the building, but the water has been turned off for the night, and you can't shower so you have to be home.